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PAS MP Halimah Ali Criticised For “Quoting Hitler” In Tweet

PAS MP Halimah Ali Criticised For “Quoting Hitler” In Tweet

Despite the criticism, the tweet has yet to be deleted.

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PAS’ member of Parliament Dr Halimah Ali posted a tweet of a quote that had Adolf Hitler’s picture in it on her Twitter account yesterday.

Safe to say, the post is not sitting well with many.

The quote read: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

She captioned the quote pic with: “Familiar?”

Despite the criticism she received, the tweet has not been deleted. As at press time, it has garnered over 83,000 views.

The problem with the tweet is two-fold. One is that people, particularly politicians, generally stay away from quoting a man who is a dictator, the villain of World War 2 and was a central figure in the Holocaust.

The other issue is that the quote is not even Hitler’s, so to speak.

The “Big Lie”

It is usually misattributed to Joseph Goebbels, head of Nazi propaganda.

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, though it is sometimes claimed that Goebbels coined the concept of the “Big lie,” there does not appear to be any proof that Goebbels uttered the exact line.

Mein Kampf, an autobiographical manifesto that was written by Hitler contained the first explanation of the grand deception.

Instead of using it as a strategy, Hitler used it to describe how the Jews behaved. He specifically charged Jewish residents of Vienna with attempting to delegitimize German actions during World War I.

In the book, it was stated that the principle behind this concept is that the big lie has a certain force of credibility, as the masses of a nation are more easily corrupted in their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily.

This makes them more susceptible to the big lie than the small lie, as they often tell small lies in little matters but would not resort to large-scale falsehoods.

Despite the facts that prove this, they will still doubt and waver, believing that there may be some other explanation.

In a piece that Goebbels authored in 1941 titled “Churchill’s Lie Factory,” he did describe the grand deception in a different terminology, but he was blaming the British of the ruse.

“The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

So in conclusion, it is safe to say that the whole concept of the Big Lie was just a tool of propaganda rather than a direct quote by Hitler.

Also, when in doubt over Hitler’s quotes, the best thing to do is still to NOT share Hitler’s quotes in a way that can get you trolled.

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