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This Week’s Crime Round-Up: What You May Have Missed

This Week’s Crime Round-Up: What You May Have Missed

While some of these attacks are being investigated by the police, it is still a cause for concern.

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There appears to be several violent crime reports in Malaysia this week, dominating conversations.

From an acid attack targeting innocent couple to an assault on the wife of a former assemblyman, the level of violence seems to be escalating.

Couple Attacked With Acid At Apartment Near Batu Caves Over Jealousy

On 5 July, a couple, who owned a renowned naan restaurant in Selayang, allegedly encountered a harrowing incident in the Laksamana Jaya Apartments in Batu Caves, Gombak, Selangor.

In a video posted up on Facebook, Khairy Adli shared that someone had reportedly thrown acid on the couple as they entered the elevator.

The incident, which appears to have been planned, caused severe burns to the couple’s body and eyes.

Khairy also noted that prior to this acid attack, the couple’s restaurant had been set on fire a week earlier, which is believed to be the result of animosity from the opposing party.

Kawasan mangsa berniaga mmg teruk dengkinya. Saya pernah makan kedai keluarga kawan saya ni. Memang sedap, dn ramai org. The one and only best roti NAAN di selayang.

Khairy Adli via Facebook

The CCTV footage that went viral captured the initial moments when a lone individual seemingly waited outside an elevator before allegedly attacking the couple.

The suspicious individual is seen swiftly preparing something in a white plastic bag, which he promptly throws at the family inside the elevator before hastily fleeing the scene.

Within seconds, the husband and his son are seen rushing out of the elevator in anguish and distress.

The Batu Caves acting police chief, Supt Noor Ariffin Mohamad Nasir, stated in a statement that a report regarding the incident was received by the police at 3.10 am on Tuesday.

He noted that the case is currently under investigation according to Section 324 of the Penal Code, and the police are actively pursuing the suspect.

Individuals with any information related to the incident are encouraged to step forward and contact the investigating officer, Insp Mohd Nizar Adnan, at 013-9661892 or reach out to the Gombak District police headquarters at 03-61262222.

Supt Noor Ariffin Mohamad Nasir

Ex Bayan Lepas ADUN’s Wife Attacked In Store

According to Kosmo, a man had allegedly assaulted the wife of a former Bayan Lepas assemblyman, Azrul Mahathir Aziz, at a grocery shop on Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim yesterday.

In a video that has since gone viral, the CCTV footage shows the man striking Azrul’s wife, Norhailee Rasid, twice on the head.

According to the report, the incident unfolded when Norhailee noticed a girl acting suspiciously inside the shop.

She approached the girl, who quickly fled.

Shortly afterward, an aggressive man stormed into the shop and violently struck Norhailee twice on the head.

When contacted by Kosmo, Azrul expressed his concern on the issue, saying that something like this should not be tolerated towards his wife or any other woman.

He also told the online portal that not only had this been traumatizing for his wife, but also the store’s workers as well.

Azrul also added that his wife had made a police report at the Teluk Kumbar police station around 4:30pm yesterday and has been informed that the police are actively investigating the case under Section 323/506 of the Penal Code, which pertains to causing hurt and criminal intimidation.

Former Malaysian Footballer Caught For Breaking And Entering

A former national football player was arrested by the police on suspicion of involvement in a criminal case that took place in Benut last Monday, according to Kosmo.

The 33-year-old suspect was apprehended for his alleged connection to a series of house burglaries that resulted in substantial financial losses for the victims.

Police arrested the man after observing his suspicious behaviour, and subsequent investigations implicated him in the house burglary incidents.

The report also added that when the authorities had attempted to apprehend the ex-footballer, he had resisted and displayed aggressive behaviour which had led to a minor scuffle.

The police have also noted that alongside another accomplice, he provided information about the location where the stolen items were hidden.

Both the former football player and his accomplice were detained under Section 457 of the Penal Code.

The former football player had previously played for renowned teams in both the southern and northern regions of the country’s Super League.

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