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After Two Months Of C-Section Birth, Woman Gets Pregnant Again, Netizens Feel For Her

After Two Months Of C-Section Birth, Woman Gets Pregnant Again, Netizens Feel For Her

The doctor confirmed that the baby in the woman’s womb was already two months old when they went for an examination a few months after she gave birth.

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Every time a woman gives birth, they are encouraged to practice the tradition of confinement period or post-natal care to take care of the long-term physical and emotional health of the mother.

Some mothers choose to have a confinement period of up to 44 days and some even for 100 days.

For Malays, among the things that cannot be done during the confinement period is to avoid certain foods and to refrain from sexual intercourse with the husband before the postpartum blood dries up within 40 days.

But generally, mothers who give birth through the Ceasaerian method or C-section, are encouraged to abstain or avoid pregnancy for at least two years. This is also recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This is because the distance between pregnancies after giving birth not only affects the age gap between the two children but it can lead to an even worse effect on the health of the mother and the upcoming newborn.

Woman gets pregnant again after two months of having a C-section

Still recuperating from her previous birth, a young mother in Indonesia known as Venny found out that she was pregnant again after only 4 months of giving birth to her first child through a C-section. Only when they went to the doctor for an examination did he confirm her pregnancy was already 2 months old at the time.

In a video uploaded by the woman’s husband (@akashelahi) on his TikTok account, Venny was seen having difficulty walking down the stairs that she had to be led by her partner. In this video, it is understood that she was already 7 months pregnant with the second baby.

Just by looking at the expression on her face, we can sense the pain she must be in.

(Credit: @akashelahi)

In another video, the pregnant mother was also seen having difficulties getting out of the car and walking into the treatment centre.

The moments shared by Akash show that his wife’s movement is quite limited due to her enduring all the pain.

Both videos gained a lot of attention and each garnered more than 17 million views on social media.

@akashellahi Semanget ya bumil#akashellahi ♬ bunyi asal – hilang
@akashellahi Smoga cepat sembuhya @VENNYALBERTI #akashellahi ♬ Dj Ketika Cinta Bertasbih – Ayvell Project

Netizens squirm watching the pain that she was in

The video of Venny walking down the stairs was reshared on Twitter (@twtbiy) and it garnered a lot of reactions from netizens.

A lot of people expressed their rage and dissatisfaction towards the husband for not ‘abstaining’ from sex after his wife had just given birth.

Some women also shared their painful experiences and advices when they had a C-section before. Some just felt sorry for the wife and couldn’t imagine how much pain she was in.

5 conditions of postpartum mothers that husbands should know

The postpartum process will have many challenges, especially in the first week or two after having the baby.

Apart from their own mothers, the husband of the woman plays an important role in providing physical and emotional support for their wives.

Some of the things that husbands need to pay attention to after their wives have given birth are:

  • Wives need plenty of rest after having the baby by having enough sleep to wake up and breastfeed the baby later.
  • The wife may experience pain peeing or defecating due to their pubic holes being torn and stitched up.
  • They will experience abdominal pain too as the uterus begins to contract and it takes up to six weeks to return to its original shape.
  • Blood (lochia) will still come out after the birth for about 6 weeks.
  • Due to less stable emotions because of hormonal changes in the body, wives can experience postpartum depression.

For the husbands out there, do take good care of your wife. Be grateful and appreciate your wife’s sacrifices from pregnancy to birth in having your baby.

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