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[Watch] Many Question Heavily Tattooed Girl’s Financial Status After Ebit Lew Extends Help

[Watch] Many Question Heavily Tattooed Girl’s Financial Status After Ebit Lew Extends Help

Looking through TikTok, it became clear that the single mother does indeed have a TikTok account and a following of 1 million.

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Independent preacher Ebit Lew is known locally, and in some other countries, for his frequent charitable deeds.

Lew is often known to extend his help to marginalized groups such as sex workers and the homeless while spreading Islamic teachings (da’wah).

Helping A “Homeless” Tattooed Punk Girl To Revert To Islam

Recently, a viral social media video showed Lew assisting a tattooed and homeless girl, who was also said to be a single mother in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In the video shared by Lew, the woman known as Mondy can be seen laying on the side of the road on a cardboard serving as her makeshift bed.

He is seen assisting the young woman by providing her money and a Muslim attire before escorting her to Malaysia.

Ebit Lew Helps Mondy Find Shelter And Employment

In his post, he said he wanted to make sure Mondy would be able to find a new place to stay and gain employment so that she may comfortably continue her journey in the Islamic faith.

Please pray for Mondy. May Allah, who is ever rich, ease her path of conversion and bless her with sustenance. Our trials are different. InshaAllah, we will assist her in finding a place to live and help her secure a job so that she can continue her journey of faith, God willing.

Ebit Lew via Facebook

Netizens Spot Alleged Loopholes In Ebit Lew’s “Act Of Kindness”

While Lew’s gestures were kind and seemed genuine to many, some netizens alleged it may not be all that genuine.

Many expressed skepticism and claimed that Lew’s actions were merely staged after a Twitter user claimed to have found Mondy’s TikTok account with over a million followers and that she often created content that exploit religion.

This woman clearly has a TikTok account and creates content exploiting religion. Then she collaborates with Ebit Lew, pretending to sleep on a cardboard box and immediately changes clothes upon meeting Ebit. It’s a deception.

Twitter user

TikTok Famous Mondy And Her One Million Followers

Adding on to the drama, another Twitter user uploaded several screenshots of TikTok videos from Mondy’s account, showing high view counts and likes.

She (Mondy) is TikTok famous, you know. I don’t understand how she’s homeless. All her videos have hundreds of thousands of views. Ebit Lew is completely exploiting (religion).

Twitter user

Questions If This Was Planned From The Beginning

The same issue was raised by a Facebook user who claimed that the woman had also appeared on Indonesian television due to her popularity.

Mondy comes to Malaysia and sells sambal (a type of chili paste) in a live TikTok session with Ebit Lew. Not only that, netizens also sensed something amiss when Mondy, who had just arrived in Malaysia, went live with Ebit Lew while selling sambal.

Facebook user

Through scouring the social media platform, we too cannot deny that Mondy does in fact have a huge following. 1 million followers to be exact.

Going under the username @mondy_tatto, her TikTok account has been active since May 2022, with videos reaching up to 2 million views.

The total number of likes she has received is equally quite high, exceeding 10 million.

Nevertheless, this does not necessarily serve as evidence to associate Lew’s intention to help Mondy as mere acting to gain popularity or any other ulterior motive.

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