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Trolley “Helper” Stalks KL Woman To Her Car, Mall Management Gaslights And Laughs At Her Instead

Trolley “Helper” Stalks KL Woman To Her Car, Mall Management Gaslights And Laughs At Her Instead

When she reported the incident to the mall, she was laughed at instead.

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A Malaysian woman, Racheal, recently shared a sexual harassment encounter in a mall which visibly shook her.

She explained on her Instagram Live video that she was with her husband and her 6-year-old daughter in the neighbourhood mall to get groceries.

It was like any other ordinary day until they were walking to their car in the parking lot. While making their way to their car, she realized a trolley guy following her family close behind.

She felt that it was a little creepy but brushed away her thoughts because she thought nothing bad is going to happen since she’s with her family.

Instead, she picked up her walking pace to get to the car and thought that he was following them to collect the shopping trolley from the family.

The man did not leave even when they got to the car and passed him their trolley. She quickly tried to put the shopping items away as fast as she could.

At around the same time, her daughter wanted to use the toilet so she told her husband to take their daughter.

She quickly sat in the car and pretended to play on her phone while the man continued standing outside her car. He tried to make eye contact while smiling and peering into the car.

The man suddenly asked her to wind down the window. Racheal thought he wanted a tip so she wound down the window. He told her she was very pretty, sexy and also asked where does she live and where does she go to the gym.

Feeling uncomfortable, she wound up the window and locked the doors. She also texted her husband to come back to the car quick.

Reporting the incident didn’t go well

When her family came back and she felt relatively safer, it just clicked in her head that the man might not actually work in the mall. Although she was still shaking, she decided to call the mall management to make a report.

After explaining what happened to her, the woman on the other end of the line laughed at Racheal.

He praised and complimented you and you feel threatened ah?

The woman on the phone said after Racheal explained what happened.

Racheal said the woman sounded condescending throughout the whole call. Due to this, Racheal thought she was overreacting about the scary situation and thought she was going crazy.

After this whole incident, she understood why people don’t report about this because most people still don’t understand why it’s wrong and victims get made fun of instead of being heard.

Despite this, she doesn’t want the woman on the phone to be targeted for her poor behaviour. Instead, Racheal wants the woman to learn from this incident and make space for others.

She also reminded everyone that it’s a human right to feel safe in our bodies at all times no matter what.

Netizens voiced their support for her and sent kind messages. They reminded her that she wasn’t overreacting and thanked her for speaking up.

Another person shared her similar experience in another mall.

A man lingered too close and both she and her husband also thought the trolley guy wanted a tip. When the man refused it, the family quickly got into their car too.

Another netizen pointed out how asking about her whereabouts such as where does she live and where she goes to the gym was a massive boundary breach.

Hopefully, the mall’s management will take proper action so this issue doesn’t happen to another person again.

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