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“You’ll Never Be Successful”, Local Singer Najwa Latif Shares Heartfelt Story

“You’ll Never Be Successful”, Local Singer Najwa Latif Shares Heartfelt Story

The teacher failed to nurture her student and encourage her.

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Many of us have heard the phrase which says words have power. The words that we utter to others may sometimes encourage them and at times discourage and hurt them.

Recently, a video featuring local singer Najwa Latif sharing a story of how her secondary school teacher had once said that she would never be successful in her life drove Malaysians into tears.

The video that was shared by @ngo_empati on their Instagram page saw Najwa saying that her teacher told her that her songs were “trash” and “too basic”. These words had a huge impact on Najwa, to the point that she wanted to quit school.

“During form 4 and 5, it’s the worst years of my life,” Najwa said in the video.

She expressed how sad it is when people don’t believe in your talents and it is sadder when we start to believe and fall for the negativity ourselves.

Netizens sympathised with Najwa and also shared their stories of being devalued by their teachers, as well as how they managed to prove everybody who didn’t believe in them wrong.

Muka Buku Success

Singer and songwriter Najwa Latif released her first single in July 2011, titled Cinta Muka Buku to viral success.

Since then she has released many hits such as Carta Hati, Kosong, For Him, and Sahabat.

One of her covers for the song Lagu Untuk Dia is still one of her most-watched videos on YouTube with 38 million views at press time.

Najwa was presented with the Potential Young Composer Award in 2016 during the Malaysian Workers’ Rights Protection Agency (MACP) Awards.

Currently, she also works as a lecturer at Unitar International University.

Power of Words

According to Kamal Bhattacharyya, a columnist from the Times of India, words are the most powerful tool of mankind. Our innermost ideas are boldly validated by the words we speak.

They serve as a testament to the outside world to how we view ourselves, others, and our lives. Our words offer a strong confirmation that makes it possible for our ideas to come to pass.

It becomes even more effective when the people who are responsible for nurturing us and helping us grow as individuals.

It’s like how the saying goes: if you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s better not to say anything at all.


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