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New Year New Colours: Give Your Home A Glow-Up With Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond Series

New Year New Colours: Give Your Home A Glow-Up With Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond Series

Nippon Paint presents four captivating colour themes to give your home some New Year cheer.

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Each passing year is a cause for celebration, reflection and renewal. And with New Year’s on the way, it’s high time to brush up on those resolutions and maybe add a splash of colour into your lives by giving your home the glow-up it deserves with Nippon Paint!

Painting your home with Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond Series can be an awesome way to usher in the New Year and spruce up your humble abode to make it comfier, cosier and more inviting. A fresh coat of Nippon Paint Weatherbond could also help protect your home against the elements and ensure that your place of residence can weather through any storm.

New year, new vibes!

Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond Series which comprises the Weatherbond, Weatherbond Solareflect, Weatherbond Hi-Gloss, and Weatherbond Ultimate are perfect to furnish your home’s exterior with colours that show off your personality.

This year, Nippon Paint presents four captivating colour themes that you should definitely use to change up your home’s vibes:

  1. Tropical Charm: Picture yourself in a colourful meadow surrounded by a brilliant bloom of wildflowers or lying under a dazzling fiery sky at sunset. The vibrant colour options from Tropical Charm, such as Mandarin Magic NP 1169, Mocha Magic NP 1863 and Lavender Haze NP 3023 can give your home a vibrant hue that just bursting with colour to boost your spirits!

  1. Coastal Contemporary: Designed to create a sense of peace and tranquillity, each shade from Coastal Contemporary, like Harbor Gray NP3074, Pebble Blue NP 0529, Unstoppable NP3072), and Blue Haze NP 3077 encourages you to chill in a hue of relaxing colours.

  1. Modern Mediterranean: Transport your home to a Mediterranean sunset with the soothing hues from Modern Mediterranean. Colours like Coral Cascade NP 0368, Mohagany Magic NP3387 Autumn Amber NP 2134 and Lilac Mistique NP 1991 are bound to make anyone who comes for a visit feel warm and welcome.

  1. Oasis Elegance: Meant to evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication, the luxurious hues from Oasis Elegance, such as Grape Glamour NP 1915, Auburn Blaze NP 3181 and Brick Boulevard NP 1883 provide rich undertones and add character to any home. 

Bad Weather? No Worries!

With its advanced Quartz Technology, the Weatherbond Series gives your exterior walls the STRONGEST, TOUGHEST and HARDEST protection against harsh weather by combining four state-of-the-art tech that work to keep your home looking fresh and spotless for up to 15 years:

  1. Keep Clean Technology: Provides excellent resistance against dirt, alkaline substances, and efflorescence (the thing that makes your house look crusty and chalky) and ensures your walls stay vibrant and clean.
  2. Micro Block Technology: Provides defence against fungus, algae and dirt buildup.
  3. Sunblock Technology: Giving the toughest resistance against heat by reducing exterior wall surface temperatures by 5˚C even in Malaysia’s intense heat.  
  4. Colour Care Technology: Creates longer-lasting, vibrant colours that stand the test of time and keep your walls looking appealing for years to come.
  5. Fibra Technology: Further strengthens the paint film by establishing a resilient barrier that acts as an impenetrable shield to safeguard against cracking, peeling and deterioration. (only available in Weatherbond Ultimate).

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this chance to start the new year with a bang and turn your home’s exterior into an inspiring reflection of your dreams and aspirations for all to see! 

Head over to your nearest Nippon Paint dealer store today to purchase the improved Weatherbond Series paints or check out some more fresh and trendy exterior colors here.

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