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The New MINI Countryman: A Masterpiece Of Design & Performance

The New MINI Countryman: A Masterpiece Of Design & Performance

Express your artistic side with a car that matches your own unique style, personality, and taste!

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When we think about art, most of us will instantly conjure up images of fancy paintings hanging in prestigious galleries or beautiful sculptures that make you go WOW!

Although these traditional forms of artistic expression reserve a special place in our hearts, it can also be said that the true beauty of art is that it can take on any form.

(Image: via Freepik)

Art has a long and complex history that spans from prehistoric times to the present day. With each period that passes by, every generation adds to this collective canvas of ours with their own unique character and style.

The common saying that art is ‘subjective’ cannot be understated as art can be used as a way to share feelings, communicate ideas, tell stories, teach things or simply a way to have a whole lot of fun. Like a box of chocolates, art can be sweet and sensual or bitter and bold — you never know what you’re gonna get!

(Credit: MINI via Facebook)

Local artist Jared Lim, who goes by the moniker, Professional Crayon, said it best when he described art as an escape from reality, a form of expression and a wonderful way to lift people’s spirits.

As an artist, Jared draws inspiration from the world around him and breathes new life into the already enchanting beauty that he finds in his everyday life through colourfully abstract creations.

Art is everywhere, and it can be anything that appeals to our senses, emotions and imagination, and can likewise be a source of joy, inspiration, discovery, and self-expression. Plus it’s always fun to discover a piece of art where we least expect it — like on the roof of a car!

A cruising canvas

Express your artistic side with a car that matches your own unique style, personality, and taste! The new Mini Countryman Rooftop Art Edition features a one-of-a-kind artwork embellished on the roof of the car that’s designed by none other than Professional Crayon himself, titled: Foliage.

Taking inspiration from Malaysia’s unique floral wonders, Foliage showcases a rich tapestry of nature found in our vibrant corner of the world with time-honoured touches of the iconic MINI brand. Looking at the car from the top, you can clearly make out abstract details of a hibiscus (or the Bunga Raya), the emblematic wings of the MINI logo, a speedometer and even the classic Union Jack that’s encapsulated in a heart-shaped gem.

Foliage depicts the colour of life bubbling through a forest. I took inspiration from Malaysia’s lush tropical rainforest, the Countryman’s spirit of adventure and MINI’s Big Love as a whole. It was a sweet process, looking beyond image and envisioning the different elements together into one cohesive piece of art.

Jared Lim.

The stunning artwork sparks a message of spreading love and acceptance, as well as, MINI’s ‘Big Love’ spirit of adventure, and discovery, and that everyone has the power to create (or drive) something beautiful!

The Mini Countryman Rooftop Art Edition is based on the Cooper S Countryman, which offers a powerful Twin Power Turbo engine that can deliver between 192 to 224 horsepower, smooth performance and excellent responsiveness. The car’s exterior is beautiful and bold, while the interior cockpit exudes class and comfort for the driver and anyone you take along on your journey of exploration.

The Mini Countryman Rooftop Art Edition comes in three striking colour tones: Chilli Red, British Racing Green and Island Blue, and is available at MINI Authorised Centres nationwide. Don’t miss this chance to drive your very own cruising canvas. Go, HERE for more info on this MINI-masterpiece!

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