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Here’s Why The Direction Your Window Faces Matters, And What To Do About It

Here’s Why The Direction Your Window Faces Matters, And What To Do About It

There’s more to a window than just the view.

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The sun rises from the East and sets in the West, therefore we all know that the East-facing window gets really hot in the morning and the West-facing window really warm at sunset.

Furthermore, when choosing a property, people generally don’t pay much attention to where the windows are facing as long as it’s a good view, do they?

Although it’s easy to let the view make a decision for you, it is still important to know the direction your window is facing and if it corresponds with your personal preferences and lifestyle. 

So get a compass and stand in front of a window! 

Briefly, if you’re living in the northern hemisphere this article is more applicable for you but if you’re living in the southern hemisphere, the north and south in this article are reversed. 

Malaysia is situated just right above the equator, so the difference between North and South in the article isn’t so strict on us.

East-Facing Window

Picture Credit : Ksenia Chernaya via Pexel

If you love waking up with the sun, you would love this window. It helps promote a healthy circadian rhythm for a balanced sleep-wake-cycle. The sunlight also gets less direct throughout the day which makes this window perfect for indoor plants to thrive on. 

North-Facing Window

Picture Credit : Charlotte May via Pexels

This window gets the least amount of light. So this part of the house does not get much natural light and is usually very cool and calm. If there is ever a heat wave you know which part of the house to run to. 

West-Facing Window

Picture Credit : Ankit via Pexels

The sunset window is great for people who tend to stay up later at night. So they get the most of whatever light there is left for the day.  It is advised to design this room with cool tones so that the golden rays from the sun will contrast beautifully. 

South-Facing Window

Picture Credit : Tom D’Arby via Pexels

Southern windows receive the most natural light throughout the day and they are also the hottest. This direct sun exposure can cause damage to your roof, furniture, fabrics, and flooring over time so you would most likely do a lot more upkeep in this area.

It is a good idea to protect your furniture from damage by installing window tint. It is also recommended to design this part of the room with bold and dark colors as the harsh light penetrating in will complement darker tones. 

What does Feng Shui say?

Picture Credit : Gray Ottoman via Pexels

Generally, the more windows facing different directions, the more balanced the natural light is in the house. Natural light is a very important feature to have when selling a property. You might be surprised to know that many people who practice Feng Shui tend to move around a lot based on the direction of the sun.

According to Feng Shui, the house with the most east and south-facing windows are the best. The sun is a symbol of hope and vitality which in turn bring good luck and energy into the space.

The west-facing window is known to be quite the contrary. Some people believe this part of the house can bring prosperity and good fortune but it requires a lot of work by enhancing positive energy flow. The reason for this is when the sun sets, it casts shadows in the house lowering its energy level. 

Lastly, the north-facing window attracts negative energy and is adverse to your health due to the lack of sun shining through the space. We mostly get our Vitamin D from the sun because very few food contains it. There is a good reason why it is called the “sunshine vitamin”. So try not to stay in this space for too long!

Final Thoughts

With all that said, not all properties will face the same amount of sunlight stated in this article. Some properties are shaded or blocked by taller buildings. If your property doesn’t get much sunlight, you better get some nice-looking lamps to brighten up the space!

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