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Here’s How You Can Achieve Your 2023 Vacay Goals

Here’s How You Can Achieve Your 2023 Vacay Goals

Malaysia Airlines’ MHvacaypass lets you pick from five fantastic travel passes to explore nine of the best holiday destinations across the country, twice a year.

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Hey you! Aren’t you tired of scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, and watching other people have all the fun? Do you feel a little jelly seeing all your friends and tweeps flying across the country on vacations, showing off good vibes and enjoying what our home, Malaysia, has to offer?


If your answer is yes, and you don’t want to spend a fortune or waste any time on planning the perfect trip, then Malaysia Airlines can help you crush your #2023vacaygoals so you too can have a holiday that’ll make your followers furious, your enemies envious, and (maybe) give you extra rizz points to flex on that ex!


Cuti-cuti Malaysia with Malaysia Airlines’ MHvacaypass

Malaysia Airlines’ new MHvacaypass lets you pick from five fantastic travel passes to explore nine of the best holiday destinations across the country, twice a year.

With the MHvacaypass, you’ll enjoy two return trips in one pass, as well as, premium benefits that allow you the flexibility to go on the perfect vacay that suits your timing, mood and moolah—from as low as RM531.10!

Among the benefits you’ll get in return for picking to go on vacay with the MHvacaypass are:

  • 2 return trips on 1 pass that’s valid for 12 months upon purchase and unlimited free date change (subject to seat availability, with a minimum of 14 days booking in advance).
  • 35kg check-in baggage allowance and 7kg cabin baggage allowance.
  • Priority check-in, boarding and baggage.
  • Standard seat selection.​
  • Board earlier flights with unlimited ‘Go Show’ (only applicable to flights on the same day and is subject to seat availability).​
  • Complimentary in-flight snacks, meals and beverages.​
  • Earn Malaysia Airlines’ Enrich member points.
  • RM30 Journify voucher (only for the first 200 customers).
(Credit: Malaysia Airlines)

So where can you go with the MHvacaypass? Well, the MHvacaypass lets you pick out the vibe you want to experience on your domestic holidays!

Bask in the warm, tropical sun with the Sun Days MHvacaypass

(Credit: Malaysia Airlines)

Whether you’re looking to relax on stunning beaches with sand between your toes or explore vibrant cityscapes filled with culture, history and entertainment, Langkawi and Johor Bahru have it all!

Besides being an island paradise with its picturesque coastlines, lush rainforests and mesmerising waterfalls. Langkawi is a place rich in flora and fauna. Here you can find mangrove trees growing along the river, monkeys swinging amongst the treetops and eagles soaring in the skies, among other amazing things living under our tropical Malaysian sun.

(Credit: Hongbin/David Kubovsky via Unsplash)

Meanwhile, you can never run out of things to do in the southernmost city in Peninsular Malaysia! Johor Bahru is a place that caters to everyone with some of the best tourist attractions that our nation has on tap. So why not enjoy a glass of kopi tarik along the historic Jalan Tan Hiok Nee before shopping for vintage souvenirs at the famous Pasar Karat. Or let your inner child play in the sun surrounded by colourful bricks at Legoland Malaysia. 

Bask in the warm tropical rays with the Sun Days MHvacaypass now. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Feel reef-freshed with the Vitamin Sea MHvacaypass

(Credit: Malaysia Airlines)

Feeling a little blue? Maybe a reef-reshing dip in the crystal clear waters of Tawau and Terengganu can give you all the vitamin sea you’ll need to wash your stress away!

No matter if you’re a diving pro, or still need your floaties on, Tawau’s spectacular seas are a wonder to behold. Famous for being one of the world’s favourite diving and snorkelling destinations, Tawau’s Sipadan Island is especially famed for its beautiful coral reefs and surreal underwater limestone caves.

(Credit: Colin + Meg/Nazarizal Mohammad via Unsplash)

Then, paddle your way through the calm and clear waters on your island-hopping adventure in Terengganu. Who knows, you might even get a chance to swim with turtles, dolphins and dugongs!

So get yourself well hydrated with the Vitamin Sea MHvacaypass, today!

Track down the best Malaysian delicacies with the Foodie Hunt MHvacaypass

(Credit: Malaysia Airlines)

Looking for a gastronomic adventure that’ll tantalise your tastebuds? Then you might want to add Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan to your food hunting list. You’re definitely in for a culinary treat on your visit to these Borneo melting pots of different ethnic cuisines from the Malay, Chinese, Kadazan-Dusun, Bajau, Murut communities, and more.

(Credit: Deva Darshan/Esperanza Doronila via Unsplash)

Enjoy a plate of freshly prepared Hinva—a tangy and spicy traditional Kadazan-Dusun dish made with raw fish marinated with lime juice, and local spices. Or chow down on some delicious Tuaran Mee egg noodles, served with fresh meats, vegetables and fish cakes.

Expand your palate with the Foodie Hunt MHvacaypass this 2023!

Explore Malaysia’s unique culture and history with the Heritage Discovery MHvacaypass

(Credit: Malaysia Airlines)

Why did the chicken go to Penang? To learn more about Peranakan cluck-ture! But all jokes aside, apart from being adored for its delicious street food, Penang stands as one of the most historic cities in Southeast Asia—being nicknamed the Pearl of the Orient and celebrated for being a crucial link between cultures in the East and West.

Miri is another location that needs no introduction. The world-renowned Mulu National Park is home to a series of limestone formations called, the Pinnacles of Borneo, which rise up to 45 meters above the forest floor. The park also has caves that are filled with ancient artefacts and remnants of the people who used to live there thousands of years ago.

(Credit: Yaopey Yong/James Lo via Unsplash)

Penang and Miri are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and you can discover what secrets lie in these historical locations when you purchase the Heritage Discovery MHvacaypass!

Take a walk on the wild side with the Nature Trail MHvacaypass

(Credit: Malaysia Airlines)

Malaysia is home to a plethora of natural wonders, and Kuching and Miri sit nice and cosy right in front of nature’s doorstep with their tall mountains, thriving jungles and tranquil rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

With the Nature Trail MHvacaypass, you’ll get the ultimate opportunity to unplug from the daily grind and discover our nation’s natural beauty.

(Credit: Pat Whelen/Matthew Brodeur via Unsplash)

Take an adventure to Kuching’s Semenggoh Wildlife Centre where you can meet our hairy cousins the orangutans in their natural habitat, as they roam freely in the forest reserve. Then take a walk around Coco Cabana in Miri to catch the ocean breeze, listen to the waves and snap some gorgeous sunset pics.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity to accomplish your vacay goals with Malaysia Airlines’ MHvacaypass.

Hurry and purchase your MHvacaypass which is sold exclusively on Journify while stocks last! The MHvacaypass is limited to only 1,000 passes per travel package. Meaning that there are only 5,000 vacay passes up for grabs!

The MHvacaypass is only available for purchase by Malaysia Airlines’ Enrich members. Sign up for free as an Enrich member on Malaysia Airlines’ official website, HERE, to get your hands on the MHvacaypass, exclusively on Journify.

You can simply redeem your MHvacaypass by following the steps below:

For more details, terms and conditions, visit Malaysia Airlines’ webpage or browse which MHvacaypass you’d like to enjoy on Journify.

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