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Binge Learn On Demand With Taylor’s 100% Online Postgraduate Programmes

Binge Learn On Demand With Taylor’s 100% Online Postgraduate Programmes

Taylor’s nano-learning postgraduate programmes provides bite-sized videos and interactive content for on-demand learning.

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We live in an ever-changing world. How we do things today may not be the norm, five or maybe ten years from now.

Case in point, nowadays, we do everything from work to shopping and even tying the knot, online.

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As we move forward into a more digital future, it makes perfect sense for our classrooms to also take place inside the expanding metaverse la kan?

Plus, today’s generation are busier than ever and may not necessarily have the time to sit in on three-hour-long lectures, hunched over taking notes in a cold, sleepy auditorium…

Moreover, our ambitious millennials and Gen Zs out there crave learning opportunities while still believing in the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life-study balance. 

However, working individuals in Malaysia and across the region may be hesitant to give up their busy careers for schooling especially when they have to juggle everything all at once.

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Knowing this, Taylor’s University now offers 100% Online Postgraduate Programmes that enable learners to pursue their education anytime, anywhere and at their own preferred pace.

Taylor’s 100% Online Postgraduate Programmes offers flexibility that caters to busy individuals with a nano-learning method, which provides bite-sized videos and interactive content for on-demand learning.

“It’s like you watch Netflix. Sometimes you binge-watch. But sometimes you just watch for 15 minutes because that’s all the time you have,” said Taylor’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer Professor Dr Pradeep Nair during the official launch of their online postgraduate programmes on Thursday.

The professor explained that the new online programmes provided by Taylor’s leverage technology in order to deliver quality education and keep up with learners’ attention spans.

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Nair mentioned that the institution’s nano-learning program would also allow for micro-credentialing, where students can take “parts” of a specific field of study instead of having to complete the entire postgraduate programme.

“As strong believers that education is for everyone, we have tailor-made these programmes to offer an interactive education structure that is meant to appeal to various types of learners who are given the flexibility of learning at their own pace,” he added, stating anyone can take the opportunity to learn, upskill or reskill themselves even during their lunch breaks.

Taylor’s fully online programmes leverage the institution’s very experienced learning designers, programmers, and audio-visual team to produce nano-learning content designed for today’s learners who cannot assimilate or afford long hours of learning in their fast-paced lives.

It can provide the opportunity for anyone to access quality educational experiences through round table discussions, forums, and dedicated support systems to interact with their coursemates and lecturers, as well as gain exclusive networking sessions with industry leaders.

It’s never too late to learn!

The TRP troop had the pleasant opportunity to try out Taylor’s tailor-made nano-learning programme first-hand.

The program’s online interface was easy to navigate and provides easy access to learning materials like short videos, straightforward visual aids like charts and graphs as well as handy tools like a chat feature which allows direct communication with other students and lecturers.

In less than 15 minutes, we were able to take a crash course on the subject of marketing and were taken through a short, yet informative class session.

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With a breadth of courses such as a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Master of Applied Computing, Master of Teaching and Learning, Master of Global Hospitality Management and Master of Business Administration, Taylor’s University allows individuals to explore new horizons and areas of study.

Classes will also be taken place over five different intakes in January, March, June, August, or October, giving students greater freedom to manage their hectic schedules.

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