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Excellent Ramen For The Slurping Mob In Klang Valley

Excellent Ramen For The Slurping Mob In Klang Valley

Ramen Mob serves flavourful tonkotsu broths with extraordinary balance and a rounded profile.

Fernando Fong

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Ramen Mob is perhaps the most “civilised” among the Japanese restaurants in the city, where you are expected to make loud slurping noises while you eat.

Tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Taman Desa, Ramen Mob feels like an uptown hideaway with its elevator-like entrance.

Ramen Mob is strategically located in Taman Desa, KL. (Pix: EatDrinkKL)

Walking into Ramen Mob, you will notice how the restaurant has created an ambience inspired by modern and traditional Japanese design, with spatial warmth that characteristic lighting techniques have to offer.

The kitchen is in the centre of the restaurant, signifying to diners that the food preparation space and the dining area are kept exceptionally clean.

More than a mere eatery, the interior of Ramen Mob can be defined as the evolution of minimalism and functionality. (Pix: Ramen Mob)

Its expansive menu covers various popular styles of ramen, such as miso, shio, shoyu, and tonkatsu.

Each guest fills out their online menu detailing how they want the ramen prepared.

The shiro chashu ramen is one of Ramen Mob’s best sellers. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Because Ramen Mob is known for their delicious tonkotsu ramen, diners usually opt for it to experience all the lusciousness that goes into it.

Tonkotsu, which means “pig bone”, is made by boiling pork meat and bones together,

The black fungus served in tonkotsu ramen has a low-calorie count, low-fat content, and is high in fibre. (Pix: Ramen Mob)

At Ramen Mob, they go the distance to boil a thick and hearty broth with a meaty flavour.

The rich pork bone broth is combined with flavourings like soy sauce, miso paste, salt, fried garlic, and spicy chilli oil.

The egg yolk in the tonkotsu ramen pairs nicely with the shiro (creamy pork broth) to make it creamier and give it an excellent, nuanced egg taste. (Pix: Ramen Mob)

The result is creaminess and milkiness with a layer of richness and bursts of umami with each spoonful. 

Ramen Mob does a beautiful job recommending how to order your ramen for the perfect balance of flavours and spices for those unfamiliar with ramen.

Sweet corn tempura deep fried till crisp and golden brown. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Once you select your ramen preferences, there is a button on the menu that you can press, which will notify the chef to labour away diligently to prepare the delectable culinary creations.

And because timing is one of the critical elements to a fantastic tonkotsu experience, the chefs at Ramen Mob are swift in delivering your food.

Slurp on Ramen Mob’s hot & spicy Mala Ramen. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Diners also love the mala ramen, which always leaves them feeling full and satisfied.

The beautiful layer of spice and heat from the sauce matches perfectly with the savouriness of the broth and vegetables.

The teriyaki kaarage donburi is a sweet and saucy dish of crispy bits of chicken covered in a sticky, savoury sauce sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. (Pix: Ramen Mob)
The Buta Bara Donburi is a comfort food with soft, silky onsen egg adding flavour to everything. (Pix: Ramen Mob)

The long and tender noodles also provide a good amount of starch that balances the spice while absorbing the flavour from the broth.

At the same time, sliced pork (chashu) delivers additional savoury notes and breaks up each bite, so you’re getting more than a spoonful of broth paired with the noodles.

Golden brown and crispy tempura shrimp. (Pix: Ramen Mob)

Before you face down the ramen, the appetizers may call your name, such as delightful little bites of edamame (edible soybeans).

Ramen Mob offers alcoholic beverages such as sake which plays a vital role in heightening the umami, enhancing the taste and emphasising rich, savoury elements. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

We can attest that Ramen Mob is one of the best ramen restaurants in the city and is a must-have.

The steamed gyoza, or Japanese pan-fried dumplings, has a wonderfully crisp and tender texture. (Pix: ramen Mob)

If upwards of RM30 per person seems a fair price for the excellent ingredients at Ramen Mob, the conviction only grows once you start eating.

Chashu is pork belly gently braised and flavoured with sake, soy, and other aromatics until tender. (Pix: Ramen Mob)

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