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8 Lucky Plants For More “Ong” This CNY

8 Lucky Plants For More “Ong” This CNY

It’s the time of the year again to deck out the home with auspicious plants this Chinese New Year!

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It’s that time of the year again where Chinese households can be seen sporting several lucky plants as decorations for Chinese New Year.

These ‘lucky’ plants are believed to bring prosperity, abundance, longevity, happiness, togetherness, and good fortune.

If you need a bit of luck, check out these popular plants that are deemed ‘lucky.’ You might even have one or two at home now.

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Pussy willow

Image: Sweetlife & Co

The pussy willow would be one of the signature plants if you grew up in a Chinese household. Pussy willow signifies wealth and prosperity.

During Chinese New Year, the pussy willow usually becomes the makeshift CNY tree and the family might decorate it using small ornaments.

The pussy willow buds are originally in white or greyish colours, but in current times, the furry buds are dyed in an assortment of colours such as red, yellow, orange or fuchsia.

Lucky bamboo

Image: ProFlowers

Another common fixture at home is the lucky bamboo plant. There are two variations: short and straight bunch or long, curly ones.

No matter the shape, size or design, the lucky bamboo is believed to bring good health, wealth, and happiness.


Image: seyfi durmaz/Pexels

Kalanchoe is also known as ‘wan zi qian hong’ in Chinese, which means thousands of red and ten thousand of purple. This describes the colourful scenery of the flowers blooming in spring. Due to the vibrant vibe, the kalanchoe represents longevity and happiness.

Sunrise succulents

Image: ebay

The brightly coloured Sunrise succulents symbolise good fortune and luck. The drought-resistant plant, Anacampseros rufescens, is part of the cactus family and stores water in its leaves, stems and roots.

Solanum mammosum

Image: World Farm/FB

The Solanum mammosum, or cow’s udder, symbolises happiness and togetherness. The plant lives up to its symbolism because the sight of the plant might bring some chuckles from the children in the family.

The fruit of the plant has five ‘fingers’ believed to represent generations in the family living in harmony and prosperity under one roof.

Lime tree

Image: Leong Nursery/FB

The lime tree symbolises luck and is believed to be able to absorb negative energies. These trees are usually only found once a year during Chinese New Year, so if you managed to snag one or more plants for yourself, you’re considered very lucky.

Red pineapple

Image: Lisha Hudson/FB

The word “pineapple” sounds like “prosperity arrives” (ong lai) in Hokkien. As such, it’s one of the most sought-after plants and can be given as gifts as well.

If you are blessed with green fingers, you might be able to grow your own in the garden for next year!

Jade plant


In feng shui, the Jade plant, also known as the Money plant, can help attract wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. The succulent is known for being tough and hardy, earning them the symbolic virtue of strength.

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