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Are CNY Set Meals Too Pricey And Not Tasty? Some People Think So

Are CNY Set Meals Too Pricey And Not Tasty? Some People Think So

Facebook user Anthony believes the money is better spent in other non-Chinese restaurants during Chinese New Year.

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Chinese New Year menus can be costly with the lowest priced set course meal starting from RM188 for a table of 10.

The food selection on the menu is also more or less the same such as steamed fish, waxed meat clay pot rice (lap mei fan), and poon choi.

With the economy, as it is now, many people are gradually finding the jacked-up prices for CNY meals to be unreasonable.

Facebook user Anthony Chan believes the price paid for CNY meals was not worth it. The set meals are usually pre-made and not fresh due to bulk prepping and orders during the busy festive period.

In addition, the food isn’t guaranteed to taste good and families might need to wait a long time for their food to arrive due to the crowd. By the time food arrives, the food is already cold and hard to enjoy.

Anthony said the similar cost to dine in Chinese restaurants during CNY is better spent in other restaurants serving different cuisines such as Arabic, Pakistani, Korean, and Japanese cuisines.

These restaurants will likely face fewer crowds during the CNY week and the food is varied and delicious.

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What do the others think?

Some netizens argued that the prices charged by the Chinese restaurants for CNY were reasonable.

They believe the cost justifies the salaries for all the restaurant workers who had to work longer hours to serve other families during their reunion dinners.

Netizens also pointed out that RM400 for 9 pax is not that expensive since there are dishes with expensive ingredients.

Meanwhile, some pointed out that Anthony wasn’t comparing fairly since some non-Chinese restaurants also mark up the price during CNY.

They said he should have included pictures of the environment and the food for a better comparison.

Fortunately, a netizen thought of the best solution for the time being. He recommended everyone rotate their dining choices instead during festive celebrations.

During Christmas, people should eat Chinese food. They should then go for Indian food during CNY and have Western food during Raya. When it comes to Deepavali, everyone should enjoy Malay food.

What do you think? Do you think restaurants are price gouging during the CNY period or do you think it’s a reasonable price to pay?

Let us know in the comments or vote below!

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