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Fly Around The World In Style With This Special Year-End Sale

Fly Around The World In Style With This Special Year-End Sale

You don’t need to stretch your wallets to go on an adventure!

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I think we all can agree that it’s been a while since we got the chance to enjoy a holiday. Like, really enjoy it. 

With everything that’s been going on the past couple of years, from the unprecedented effects of a teeny tiny virus to soaring inflation rates, we’ve barely managed to catch a breath, let alone a break.

But a break is exactly what we deserve!

(Credit: Tyler Nix via Unsplash)

If anything, your new year’s resolution for 2023 should be to travel more with your friends and family.

Taking a vacation makes for a perfect bonding moment between you and the ones you adore. Even scientists agree that travelling is beneficial to one’s health and can shape our personalities in a positive way.

Don’t let another CNY or Raya pass by without having the chance to balik kampung. With the holiday season here, make travel plans to spend Christmas and welcome the new year with your loved ones.

So if you’re feeling under the weather, why not take a holiday trip to that one place you’ve had on your bucket list to sprinkle some sunshine in your lives!

You can’t put a price on making memories with loved ones as well as your own personal well-being. And you don’t need to be stretching your wallets to go out on an adventure!

Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

The Malaysia Airlines year-end sale is here to make your new year’s travel resolutions come true!

Travel anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia with low fares from RM89, Sarawak from RM129 and Sabah from RM179.  

The year-end sale is happening from 29 November to 12 December 2022, which allows you to make travel plans from now until 31 August 2023.

(Credit: Malaysia Airlines)

Dive deep into the clear waters of Terengganu or sink your teeth into the mouthwatering seafood in Kuching. You’ll never run out of things and places to explore within our very own shores!

But the world is your oyster, so why not indulge?

Enjoy up to 35% off international flights to your favourite holiday destinations all over the globe. Take your pick of visiting the Lion City next door or Big Ben halfway across the world!

(Credit: Malaysia Airlines)

You also get bonus travel perks with 20% off seat selection, extra baggage, Golden Lounge access, value bundles and premium bundles. Plus, Enrich members will earn an extra 10% Enrich Points with every booking. 

Stay protected while you travel with 20% off MHinsure that covers medical, luggage, flight delays and more with the promo code YES2022. The discount is only available when you purchase MHinsure HERE.

To say that you’re getting the best value for money doesn’t even cut it with these amazing offers. The only question we have is:

Window seat or aisle?

(Credit: Oliver Sjöström via Pexels/10zs via Malaysia Airlines Facebook)

Whether you’re ready to set off on an adventure on your own, reconnect with old pals that live on the other side of the world or spend quality time with your family, now’s the time to start making it happen.

Book your tickets and find out more about Malaysia Airlines Year-End sale HERE

Do note that international destinations on sale exclude China, Brisbane, and Doha.

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