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This Business In Shah Alam Helps You Remove Your Used Furniture & Sell Them Affordably

This Business In Shah Alam Helps You Remove Your Used Furniture & Sell Them Affordably

Unearth Store is a business that helps you sell your used furniture and make it available for the mass to buy it at an affordable price.

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Do you have any used furniture that’s still in good shape? Throwing it away would be a waste and giving it away would not get you any profit. Instead of collecting dust, it’s time to collect cash.

What about those who recently got an unfurnished house or just wanna replace their worn-off furniture with attractive but inexpensive stuff? Why would you wanna spend thousands if you can get it for hundreds and it does the same thing, right?

Well don’t worry, you can just contact these guys and they’ll sell or offer the options for you.

(Credit: Freepik)

Unearth is a business that collects and sells second-hand vintage furniture from those who wanna clear out their used furniture to those who want to buy affordable furniture.

We’ve recently talked to the owner of Unearth Store, Johnson Goh and he shares some of his ins and outs of the business.

We help people resell their used furniture and bulky items, and also give access to affordable furniture to the masses.

Johnson Goh, Owner of Unearth Store to TRP

Additionally, their business also contributes to a more sustainable future as they aim to reduce the waste in our landfills.

It all started with a breakup

From a breakup to a business, Johnson was like a phoenix rising up from its ashes.

During the first MCO, he went through a breakup with an ex-girlfriend who left a lot of stuff in his apartment. His ex wasn’t from Malaysia so he decided to sell it off, but selling those online was so mafan.

Despite having a digital background, I found it extremely troublesome where it took around 5 hours of work to sell a single item.

So, I bought big packing boxes and sent them out to my friends, where I asked them to fill it up with items they didn’t want anymore.

I started selling them, and started making a couple thousand bucks a month.

Johnson Goh, Owner of Unearth Store to TRP

Then, another friend of his in the property space got stuck with a 100 service condo units of furniture. His firm got a contract to furnish the condos but the client pulled out due to the MCO situation at the time. So his friend was left with a lot of used furniture.

From a few pieces of furniture to this.
(Credit: Unearth Store / Facebook)

His friend asked Johnson for his help selling them as he heard about what he was doing. Johnson saw this as an opportunity and helped his friend. He managed to sell about RM200k worth of furniture within 2 months.

That made Johnson see a demand for these types of items and he thought of turning it into a proper business.

As I was figuring out how to replicate the same sale and profits, I borrowed a van and some warehouse space from a friend, set up a landing page, and started collecting from people’s homes.

Johnson Goh, Owner of Unearth Store to TRP
Unearth’s warehouse is in Shah Alam.
(Credit: Unearth Store / Facebook)

And he’s been selling furniture and bulky items since.

What do they have?

In the past, the business accepted all different stuff but decided to concentrate more on furniture.

When asked about the weirdest thing they had to sell, the answer made us laugh.

An opened Tenga Egg. We’re not sure if it’s used or not but surprisingly, it was sold off as well.

Johnson Goh, Owner of Unearth Store to TRP

That may be some of the reasons contributing to the focus on furniture and bulky items such as electrical appliances and exercise equipment.

No more ‘exercise items are expensive’ excuses now, huh?
(Credit: Unearth Store / Facebook)

From L-shaped sofa to exercise equipment, you can find your next furnishing at a very reasonable price on their Carousell page.

Some of the second-hand items are probably a bit worn but as long as it functions the same and is still in good condition, it does the job just fine.

Apart from helping the B40 gain access to affordable used furniture that is still in great condition, they also help provide meaningful jobs to those who need it.

(Credit: Unearth Store / Facebook)

Here are some of the examples of furniture and bulky items that they have:

(Credit: Unearth Store / Carousell)
(Credit: Unearth Store / Carousell)
(Credit: Unearth Store / Carousell)
(Credit: Unearth Store / Carousell)
(Credit: Unearth Store / Carousell)

Follow these simple steps if you wanna sell your furniture

If you’re looking to sell off your perfectly functional furniture or electrical items, follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Schedule your collection slot
  2. Facilitate the collection process
  3. Get money in your account!

No, you don’t need to go through the hassle of carrying your furniture to them, they’ll collect it for you with a fee.

(Credit: Unearth Store / Facebook)

Of course, there are a few criteria they’ll look for before accepting your furniture and they would avoid accepting things with water damage, defects, non-functional appliances and other unwanted characteristics.

If your furniture is just too badly damaged, they can also help you dispose of it with a charge.

If you wanna know more details on how to sell your furniture, visit their website here.

Check out these sites if you wanna browse for affordable furniture

And if you’re still not convinced by the description of products, you can browse their Instagram or Facebook accounts and see videos of them promoting and giving a 360° review of the rare and good condition products.

Here are a few examples of their rare finds.

Alternatively, you can also visit their warehouse in Shah Alam for a more ‘touch & feel’ furniture shopping experience.

Unearth Store

Address: Lot 4004, Lorong 1D, Kg. Baru Subang, Seksyen U6, 40150 Shaht Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Operating Hours: 10 am – 7 pm

Instagram / Facebook

Visit their website here if you got items to sell and visit their Carousell page if you want to buy affordable furniture.

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