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Coffee Prices May Get A Lot More Expensive As Brazil’s Coffee Crop Yield Drops

Coffee Prices May Get A Lot More Expensive As Brazil’s Coffee Crop Yield Drops

A combination of drought and frost last year has harmed Brazil’s coffee beans crop, which could lead to higher coffee prices internationally.

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If you haven’t already known, the country that produces the most coffee in the world is Brazil. They produce approximately 35% of the world’s coffee. So if their production is slowing down, the whole world is going to be impacted.

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This is, unfortunately, the case now as coffee crops in top-producing countries have been impacted by extreme weather conditions. This could mean higher prices for our daily cup of joe.

According to the Wall Street Journal, due to the freakish weather last year – plantations endured drought and then frost – farmers are dealing with the fallout. The arabica bean crops (the premium coffee beans) are expected to be half the yield of a normal year.

Brazil’s coffee production will decrease as they will only produce 35.7 million bags of coffee in the 12 months starting July, as compared to 48.7 million bags of beans two years ago.

Coffee prices first shot up last year after several years of constant pricing. Like many industries, coffee too has been hit with supply chain and other pandemic-related issues.

The International Coffee Organization said that global consumption will again outpace production and the prices of beans are set to climb even higher.

The upset is worse because its arabica coffee production runs in a two-year cycle, yielding a bigger crop in even-numbered years.

Even though this is an even year, the extreme weather factor in 2021 causes the expected crop yield for this year to be lower. This is worsened by the increasing cost of fertilizers and logistics.

Moreover, bad weather has also hurt the coffee industry in neighbouring Colombia, another massive coffee producer. This is definitely worsening the world’s coffee production.

So, with coffee prices getting higher, maybe it’s time for us to find a backup drink for our morning routine.

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