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Enjoy A Sensational Night In KL At BEYOND

Enjoy A Sensational Night In KL At BEYOND

BEYOND is a platform of discovery that enriches users through unique experiences and creates the excitement to embark on an exclusive sensorial adventure.

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Almost everyone we know is itching for an experience, or rather, an escape that would tingle the senses, expand the mind and more or less turn a simple night on the town into an extravagant event.

All it takes is a trip to an old train yard.

Picture yourself being in a historic part of KL city, lounging in a bar that serves the most delectable drinks and delicacies, and surrounded by an ambience of the finest musical talents and exorbitant displays of modern art — What you get is something that goes way beyond your four extremities in what can be best described as a celebration of the human experience.

Housed at the repurposed ruins of the ol’ Sentul Train Depot, the BEYOND launch party that took place last weekend was an event like none other.

Punch a ticket at this station and you’ll be transported to a world created specifically to tantalize your taste buds, stimulate your olfaction, titillate your touch, and supplant your vision of what’s impossible.

It doesn’t matter who you are, the destination is the same: BEYOND caters to one and all with their wide variety of inspiring activities. There’s literally something for everyone.

1. The social butterfly

For the social butterflies who find themselves cocooned in the mundanes of daily life, BEYOND presents the perfect opportunity to stretch those intrepid wings and soar outside your usual communal grounds.

Several weekends ago, we perched ourselves at the Beyond Bar to take a sip of the sweet (or sour if you prefer) nectar inspired by Malaysia’s botanical flavours and crafted by libation experts Tracia Chan and Jack Lai from Dissolved Solids.

(Credit: TRP)

BEYOND’s cocktail menu — featuring a choice between a sweet and creamy rum-filled Coco ‘Pandan Chiffon Cocktail’ or a tangy gin-infused ‘Grapefruit Laksa Cocktail’ definitely makes for an interesting conversation starter and the perfect potion to keep cordial for what’s to be a fantastic night to come.

Non-alcoholic versions of the tasty beverages were also available.

2. The clingy couples

If connection is what you crave, then BEYOND’s enticing selection of culinary delights may liven the mood to your amorous affairs.

Coupled with the venue’s chivalrous esthetics, take things to the next level by sampling the divine works of Chef Christian Recomio and Chef Daniel Yap — two master cuisinière attempting to revolutionise the culture of cooking.

Impress your counterparts by catering them to a collection of exquisite munchables like the ‘GOODAMN Game Changer’ — a dish featuring roasted duck agnolotti, tomato passata and Chef Yap’s use of the Buddha’s Hand.

(Credit: TRP)

Or trick your tastebuds to the unique sensation of the ‘ALTA Beyond the Burger’ — a meal made by Chef Recomio to be a tongue-in-cheek version of the famous Ramly Burger.

Trust us when we say that you’d be more than surprised to find that the #ALTABURGER is fully vegetarian but still perfect for those blood-hungry carnivores out there.

Our favourite, of course, comes down to deserts, where Chef Yap’s salted coconut panna cotta mixed with roselle jam, pandan oil and topped with a dash of liquid nitrogen to fuse it all together, makes for a delightful treat to court the evening as live music plays in the background.

(Credit: TRP/BEYOND)

3. The media moguls & artsy bunch

To the appreciative aesthetes and unflinching influencers out there, BEYOND’s maze of modern art may be more mesmerising to admire and advertise first-hand.

Be teleported into a world of wonder where one’s imagination and creativity take centre stage with the amazing art installations done by local talents such as Sputnik, XiaYi and Tottie.

The captivating exhibits make for an impressive and interactive setting for an engaging tour or your social media snapshots.

(Credit: BEYOND)

We spent our night immersed in the kaleidoscopic light projection tunnel made by artist Shakir and even turned our faces into an interactive exhibit by engaging with BEYOND’s artificial reality (AR) filters made to be used with Instagram.

Inspired by shapes and colours from organic forms, the ‘BeyondXTottie’ AR filter was a favourite for sure, as its anatomical illustrations turned our heads into cyber-artefacts that would forever be entombed on the internet.

Plus, playing around with the AR filters managed to earn us free cocktails for the night, so see if you can spot our trippy mugshots on social media at #BeyondMY #BeyondSenses #BeyondMalaysia.

(Credit: TRP)

For those who truly wish to test the mind, you may find BEYOND’s ‘eye of the mind’ perspective play corner trivial to your tour.

Here, all you thinkers, theorists and typographists can take time to toy around with words to figure out what they mean and win yourselves more cocktails on the house.

So, would you consider experiencing what BEYOND has to offer? Sign up today to unlock your limitations and unleash your true potential.

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