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Whether It’s Residential, Commercial Or Industrial, Co-Create Tomorrow & Beyond With EcoWorld

Whether It’s Residential, Commercial Or Industrial, Co-Create Tomorrow & Beyond With EcoWorld

The co-create concept is nothing new and EcoWorld is the best at it.

Akmal Hakim

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Though the past few months have been rough, people from all walks of life have shown that with a crazy amount of resilience, a little ingenuity and a helping hand, they can overcome anything that life throws at them to create amazing opportunities.

For many entrepreneurs here in Malaysia, that helping hand came in the form of the Bina Bersama 2021 digital marketing campaign – a project run by EcoWorld in collaboration with digital-media experts, iMedia group.

Together, the Bina Bersama 2021 campaign bolstered businesses by bringing brands directly to over 5.9 million digital media users nationwide and straight onto consumers’ maps as a platform to aid local enterprises to grow despite trying times.

The campaign was so successful that it had an inspiring 90% take-up rate across the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang.

But what if you, yes YOU – had the opportunity to create more than just wealth? What if together, everyone can co-create our very own unique and complete living experience?!

Together We Create

(Credit: EcoWorld)

Well, with over 20 ongoing projects across the Klang Valley, Iskandar Malaysia and Penang as well as in places like the United Kingdom and Australia, EcoWorld again extends its hand to everyone who is in the pursuit of better and greater things, and aspires to create tomorrow and beyond.

EcoWorld’s latest campaign invites consumers to ‘co-create’ their dream living surroundings to fit any lifestyle, business, or community preferences.

What is co-creation you ask?

The concept of co-creation is not really something new. Since 2019, EcoWorld has been pushing the boundaries in exploring ideal living concepts that cater to all generations.

At EcoWorld developments, customers are able to tell the developer their wants and needs, and together, co-create a prosperous place that’s blended with innovative design concepts and contemporary green technologies that’ll continue to serve an entire community for years to come – even as their wants and needs change and evolve over time.

Co-creation is what led to the conceptualisation of unique products like the Co-Home and ErgoHomes properties.

Together We Create Joyful Living

Taking the ideas and aspirations of everyday Malaysians, EcoWorld’s communities provide the ideal home for the country’s first-time homeowners, young families, and people who want to be closer together without living under one roof – much like the traditional kampung village living that many of us are accustomed to.

(Credit: EcoWorld)

EcoWorld’s Co-Homes is a hybrid single floor living concept, where you can choose to purchase either an upper floor unit or a ground floor unit.

The concept addresses the need for people to live a landed-living lifestyle closer to their loved ones that are both affordable and can last for generations.

EcoWorld’s ErgoHomes take the traditional terraced house concept and expand it even more to fulfil the communal need for space and privacy.

Each ErgoHome is designed based on science to be an affordable corner unit that’s perfect for new and experienced homeowners alike.

(Credit: EcoWorld)

For those who desire to have their milk and honey at the same time, then EcoWorld’s collection of Garden Homes might be the perfect dwelling for you. Just as the name suggests, the Garden Homes unit is an abode built to integrate both the indoor and outdoorsy lifestyles.

Turn your 5-feet*-long side garden into a mini Zen-filled paradise to relax and unwind yourselves after a long day at the Eco Grandeur township in the Klang Valley.

Or, create your own alfresco wonderland, complete with a 10-feet* lifestyle porch surrounding the front and back end of your chosen home at the Eco Botanic in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor.

You and your loved ones would also definitely love the huge 20* to 30-feet* car-free Backlane Garden that adorns Eco Botanic homes to provide everyone with a sense of unhindered freedom to roam around safely.

Garden Homes are now available at Eco Grandeur @ Klang Valley and Eco Botanic @ Iskandar Malaysia. Contact Eco Grandeur’s Sales Representative or Eco Botanic’s Sales Representative for more details.

(Credit: EcoWorld)

Expand the boundaries of how you live your life by choosing to create your home at the Eco Horizon Semi-D and Bungalow units in Penang.

These luxurious homes are perfect for people who take pleasure in providing the best entertainment for themselves and guests from the safety and comfort of home.

Eco Horizon’s homes come with a flexible layout for owners to tinker around with and utilise each and every available space they have inside, as well as outside with their very own private garden and an even more spacious back lane garden to boot.

Besides having access to exclusive clubhouse facilities, the gated community is also secured by 24-hour security complete with 360-degree CCTV surveillance of the entire precinct, so you’ll rest easy knowing that you and everything you care about is safe and well-guarded.

Get to know more about these Semi-D and Bungalow homes located in the serene neighbourhood of Eco Horizon by contacting Eco Horizon’s Sales Representative.

Together We Create Thriving Businesses

(Credit: EcoWorld)

These vibrant townships also present aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to co-create a flourishing venture by utilising EcoWorld’s networks, affluence, and innovation in order to take their businesses to the next level and in turn, grow a thriving community together.

Together We Create Sustainable Businesses

(Credit: EcoWorld)

Locations like the Eco Business Park (EBP) present businesses with a one-stop solution for enterprises to innovate, expand, and gain an undeniable edge to maximise any business’ true potential.

Set up your sprawling enterprise at Eco Business Park I  in Tebrau, Johor and expand your venture anyway you choose as its flexi-space concept can cater to every business need – whether you’re looking to create a corporate offices space, a retail shopping place, a showroom gallery, warehouses and more.

The units were designed to allow for maximum energy efficiency with its modern skylight design that bathes the structure with natural light and is architectured in a way that allows owners to further extend the mezzanine floor for future development.

Learn more about EBP by contacting Eco Business Park I’s Sales Representative.

(Credit: EcoWorld)

Together We Create Communities

The community co-creating process does not stop when you’ve got the keys to your property either. No siree!

At EcoWorld, customers walk away with more than just a physical property. They get an array of post-purchase services that go the extra mile to make one feel right at home.

So, if you’re in the market for a Dream Home Package or Business Launchpad Package, take a peek at your preferred EcoWorld location and let’s make those desires come true, TOGETHER

Click (HERE) for more information on how you can co-create your own tomorrow and beyond, today!

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