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Wedding Cancelled Due To MCO? Here’s How To Get Your Deposit Back

Wedding Cancelled Due To MCO? Here’s How To Get Your Deposit Back

There’s a few ways to get back that money.

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With the Movement Control Order (MCO) throwing a wrench in work for those who planned to get married from 2020 onwards, couples are unfortunately met with vendors who refuse to return their deposit once the wedding has been cancelled or postponed.

Once you’ve gone through the contract, here’s what you can do to claim your money back:

1. File a claim with the Tribunal For Consumer Complaints Malaysia (TTPM)

The Tribunal for Consumer Claims (TTPM) operates under the Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP)

Consumers can claim for compensation for the purchase of goods or services permitted under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal as follows:

  • Total amount does not exceed RM50,000
  • Within three years of the claim

How to file a claim?

You can file a claim by using the following methods:

  • At any Tribunal counter throughout the country (full list HERE)
  • Online filling via the TTPM website (HERE)

Do note that there’s a RM5 filing fee and that physical filing is subject to the latest standard operating procedure (SOP) for the Movement Control Order (MCO).

2. Claim your money via Small Claims Court

This option is viable for claims below RM5,000 and you don’t even need a lawyer. All you need to do is to go to your local Magistrate Court and fill up a form.

How to file a claim?

  1. At the Magistrate Court, head over to the courthouse and ask for Form 198.
  2. Ensure that you have the other party’s name, address and IC number or Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) registration number.
  3. Submit the form for the case to be filed.
  4. The court will then e-mail the Writ of Summons number along with the date and location of the trial.
  5. Post a printed version of the Writ of Summons to the defendant via a registered mail service. The defendant has 14 days from the day of receipt to file a defence.
  6. All documents, including a copy of the consignment note, must be kept carefully to be handed in at the trial.
Form 198.
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Do note that a RM20 registration fee is required when submitting the claim form.

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