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Malaysia Has A “Cat Beach” In Penang With Over 300 Cats To Play With & Even Adopt!

Malaysia Has A “Cat Beach” In Penang With Over 300 Cats To Play With & Even Adopt!

The Cat Beach Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter.

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You would think that cats hate water, and would therefore not willingly spend their days at a beach. However, it turns out that there is a beach in Penang full of purring cats lounging away.

Located at Teluk Pahang, Penang Island, the sanctuary offers both cats and humans days of peace and companionship.

Watch the gentle waves crash together with the content purring of cats and kittens. If you fall in love, you can even bring one home!

While it sounds like a good retirement plan for the cats, the cats who end up there have often lived a tough life on the streets before being rescued.

Some cats were discarded, neglected, or left to die in a taped-up box. Some have been injured, or paralyzed, or have broken limbs. However, all of them are ready to love.

Founder Barbara Janssen, who founded the Penang Animal Welfare Society and 4PAWS dog shelter as well, introduced her American cat-loving friend, Teviot Fairservis, to Mr Nana Bin Wanchik, a fisherman who has been feeding cats for a decade in 2014.

One old wooden shack later, Cat Beach Sanctuary was born.

The Cat Beach Sanctuary is still open throughout the movement control order- just make sure you maintain social distancing and follow SOPs.

If you’re in Penang and hankering for a little feline companionship or beach vibes, why not give the Cat Beach a try? You might even bring home a forever friend!

For more information, visit their website HERE.

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