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No Internet In Your Area? Malaysians Can Soon Report It On This Map

No Internet In Your Area? Malaysians Can Soon Report It On This Map

The JENDELA Map will let you report on areas that have no internet coverage.

Kirat Kaur

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As the subject of internet accessibility comes into sharper focus in the pandemic era, the Malaysian government has unveiled the National Digital Networking Plan (JENDELA) to enhance the level of connectivity and quality of communication services experience nationwide.

This also means that the dreaded “no signal” symbol on your phone or Google’s “no internet” dinosaur will be a thing of the past.

Yes, this is the very plan that aims to get rid of 3G by 2021 and replace it with 100% 4G
coverage in populated areas.

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How Malaysia plans to fix the internet problem

JENDELA will expand coverage and improve the quality of broadband services through identified initiatives and prepare the country towards 5G technology.

The end goal is to basically allow for Gigabit Access Fixed broadband, 100% 4G internet coverage with at least 100Mbps mobile broadband speed.

To do this, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) highlights that there needs to be a central repository of data which informs the government, regulators, service providers and the public on areas which are under-served in terms of coverage and speeds.

Without one, it often leads to incorrect conclusions on the real problem that needs to be resolved in a specific area.

Enter the JENDELA Map

The JENDELA Map is a publicly accessible portal on service coverage for the rakyat to report on areas that have no internet coverage.

According to MCMC, the objectives of a comprehensive JENDELA Map are:

  • To provide information on the current state of digital infrastructure and availability of digital connectivity for the government, regulator, service providers and the rakyat
  • To coordinate measures to address coverage and speed gaps for fixed and mobile services
  • To optimise use of resources including planning of infrastructure sharing and reducing duplication

If the broadband service is not available, they can submit a request for a new demand which will be forwarded to telcos to plan for network availability.

Users can also use it to check for all the services available in their area and get updates of the network expansion.

To access the JENDELA Map, just login to MCMC’s MyComms portal and enter the the required details (HERE).

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