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M’sian Rotary Club Raises RM150,000 For Orphans And Handicapped Children

M’sian Rotary Club Raises RM150,000 For Orphans And Handicapped Children

Anne Dorall

Malaysians are quick to point fingers at others when it comes to responsibility.

Just look at the response of our citizens when polio, the incurable virus, returned to Malaysian shores.

“The government should do something about it!” “Why isn’t anyone helping the needy?” “Why isn’t the government making people vaccinate for polio?”

Even though the government is doing their best to ensure the best living condition for everyone, there are still ways for us everyday Malaysians to provide a helping hand and give aid to those in need.

The Rotary National Chair gives a child oral polio vaccine, protecting her against the virus for life.
(Credit: WHO Pakistan)

The Rotary Club of Ampang, a local branch of Rotary International, is an example of providing humanitarian aid where it is most needed.

The club raised over RM150,000 was raised in a span of a month. Around RM10,000 was donated to the global End Polio initiative, while the remainder RM140,000 is used to support local charity homes and children-in-need.

Yayasan Sunbeams Home, Sunteck Handicapped Welfare Home, and Klang Ekliptik Children’s Center were chosen to receive this aid.

“We evaluate the charity homes in Malaysia and prioritize those with urgent needs.”

Rotary Club of Ampang President Kevin Lee to TRP

Yayasan Sunbeams Home is a haven for displaced, abused, and neglected children of single-parents. There is a total of 132 children consisting of boys and girls of all races.

Sunteck Handicapped Welfare Home takes in disabled children with autism, congenital neurological disorder, muscle atrophy, Down’s Syndrome, and ADHD.

The handicapped children lead particularly difficult lives and need constant care.
(Credit: Rotary Club of Ampang)

Klang Ekplitik Children’s Center is a welfare home for handicapped as well as disabled children.

Almost all the children in these homes are in dire need of care such as physiotherapy and education in a special school. The charity homes also require house repairs and maintenance to upkeep the care of the children.

How often do you see the handicapped on the streets?
(Credit: Rotary Club of Ampang)

In the short-term, Rotary Club of Ampang is providing assistance to these homes to meet their urgent needs.

“However, in the long-term, we hope to make arrangements with doctors to visit the homes and conduct checkups regularly. A lot of these children require additional medical care and physiotherapy. Doing it just one time is not good enough: there should be longer term solutions.”

Rotary Club of Ampang President Kevin Lee to TRP

Of course, even if you are not part of a humanitarian organization, there is plenty of Malaysian charities that need your help and support.

Whether it’s volunteering at an animal shelter, donating money to orphanages, or providing the homeless with food, there is always some good that you can do to add joy into the world.

Inspired? Start your charitable journey with our quick and easy list of Malaysian charities here!

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