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Running For A Cause: Jeff Ross’s Global Marathon Mission To Support Malaysian Charities

Running For A Cause: Jeff Ross’s Global Marathon Mission To Support Malaysian Charities

In a world where many run for glory, Jeff Ross, a seasoned ultramarathon runner based in Malaysia, is running for something greater.

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Jeff Ross, a Scotland-born ultramarathon runner who now calls Malaysia home, is on a mission to make a difference.

With an impressive running career that includes a podium finish at the gruelling Gobi Desert International Marathon in 2017, Ross is now channelling his passion for running into a noble cause – raising funds for Malaysian charities.

Ross’s philanthropic journey will involve participating in a series of major marathons worldwide known as the World Marathon Majors (WMM), starting with the recent Tokyo Marathon.

Each race will serve as a platform to raise awareness and funds for various charities in Malaysia, a country that has captured his heart over the past 14 years.

Ross (right) shares a light-hearted moment with comedian Douglas Lim, inspiring the latter to run in marathons. Their smiles and camaraderie are a testament to the power of shared purpose in creating a better Malaysia. (Photo: Jeff Ross)

“Malaysia has given me so much, and I feel it’s time to give back,” Ross shared in an exclusive interview with TRP.

By running these marathons, I hope to inspire others to support causes that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Ross on creating a ripple effect of positive change that will resonate far beyond the finish line.

Ross’s dedication to running and charitable causes stems from his own transformative experience.

After selling his recruitment business, he found himself at a crossroads and decided to pursue his passion for running.

This decision led him to compete in the 250 km Gobi Desert International Marathon, where he defied expectations by securing a third-place finish.

Now, with a renewed sense of purpose, Ross—who heads the Total Running Club in KL—is determined to use his running prowess to impact Malaysia positively.

Empowering the Next Generation: Tackling Childhood Obesity One Step at a Time

Ross recognizes the challenges many Malaysians face, particularly the growing concern of childhood obesity.

With an increasing number of children glued to digital devices and leading sedentary lifestyles, the issue of obesity has become a significant threat to the nation’s health and well-being.

Ross believes that promoting physical activity and healthy habits can reverse this alarming trend and empower the younger generation to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives by rediscovering the joys of physical play and social interaction.

Through his marathon fundraising efforts, Ross aims to support charities that tackle these issues head-on, providing aid, education, and opportunities to those in need.

His ultimate goal is to inspire a healthier, more compassionate Malaysia, one step at a time.

With each step he takes, he pushes the boundaries of human endurance and ignites a spark of hope and compassion that will resonate far beyond the finish line.

Ross’s unwavering commitment to running and philanthropy is a powerful reminder that when we unite behind a common cause, we have the power to transform lives and create lasting change.

Ross dons a shirt emblazoned with the dates of all six World Marathon Majors, symbolizing his unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact in the country through his passion for running. (Photo: Jeff Ross)

The WMM, comprising Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City, represent the pinnacle of achievement for distance runners worldwide.

Completing all six races is a rare and prestigious accomplishment, with only a select few athletes managing to do so within a single calendar year.

This feat requires unparalleled training, discipline, and strategic planning, as Ross must carefully balance his efforts across all six races to optimize his performance and minimize his overall time.

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