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8 painful things only KL monorail users will understand

8 painful things only KL monorail users will understand

With the tiny carriages and infrequent timings, the monorail
has long been a ride that most Klang Valley-ians view with fear in their eyes.

To show you their struggles, here’s a list of 8 painful things only monorail users will understand.

1. Forever getting the 2-coach train instead of the nicer 4-coach one

2. The leaking aircond that somehow drips on you and no one else

3. Getting hit by tourist luggage ALL.THE.TIME.

Turn left, suitcase rolls over foot. Turn right, backpack hit your face.

Tourists armed and ready to board the monorail.
(Credit: Yin Teing)

4. Melting on the platforms, so you power struggle with other commuters for prime real estate under the fan.

Actual representation of commuters on monorail platform.

5. Trying to find a safe spot in the corner to avoid the stampede at Bukit Bintang station

6. Waiting 5,000 years for the train to arrive

Plus there’s no accurate way to tell when the next train is coming, unless you poke your head out to the track to see.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a MONORAIL.

7. Having Final Destination flashbacks when the train suddenly stops in the middle of the tracks

8. The next level sardine can crowd in the train

LRT crowds have NOTHING on the monorail madness.

Now that you have a brief understanding on the pains of KL monorail users, don’t forget to check out our list of struggles that only Malaysians who take the LRT to work will understand HERE.

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