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How to keep your pet safe during monsoon season

How to keep your pet safe during monsoon season

Anne Dorall

The haze is finally retreating with the turn of the monsoon, but with it brings a torrent of rainfall that easily and quickly results in flash floods.

For those with pets who roam or stay outdoors, this could be an uncomfortable and unsafe time for them.

A dry cat = a happy cat.
(Picture credit: Memecrunch)

So here are some tips to make sure you keep your furkids dry and happy:

  • Try to keep pets indoors
  • Make sure your pet has a shelter that wouldn’t get wet from rain
  • Clear drains of dead leaves/rubbish and other clogs to reduce chances of flooding in your backyard
  • Pick up their toys so it wouldn’t get damaged or swept away
  • Check if their bedding or food/water bowls will get wet from the rain
  • If your pet has an outdoor cage, consider adding bricks underneath to prop it up higher off the ground
  • Prepare a big, dry towel where your pets usually sleep so they can dry off and keep warm
  • Keep them off the leash so they can avoid the rain and stay dry
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If pets are perpetually wet, they can be prone to sickness, skin irritations, and even infections. This would lead to a stressful time for both you and your pet, with additional vet expenses.

It’s better to ensure your furkid is safe and warm this monsoon season!

Ps. If you care for stray cats, don’t put cat food in open air either!

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