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5 heartwarming videos showing people ACTUALLY saving animals by CPR

5 heartwarming videos showing people ACTUALLY saving animals by CPR


Surely you are aware of the the recent hype regarding the singer ‘saving’ a bear who thought it was a ‘dog’.

We decided to compile a list of heartwarming videos showing real examples how people really save animals.

A man in Turkey gives cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to a helpless dog. Watch till the end to witness a real miracle.

With over 2,000 retweets, Twitter is so moved by this shopkeeper’s effort saving this little puppy.

In China, firefighters responded to a rescue call when a pet store went up in flames.

Firefighters are praised for their effort reviving all the animals in a pet store.

A cat is saved with an oxygen mask from a pet first aid kit.

Yes you read that right, mankind aren’t the only ones with first aid kits.

You can get it on Amazon, and any well prepared animal lover would have one of these.

(Pic Credit: Amazon)

Somewhere in Australia, a man and his nephews saved a drowned lizard and gave it CPR.

It only took 2 fingers to restart the lizard’s heart. The length some people go to help another being.


This guy in US CPR-ed a squirrel!

“The little things do matter.”

Chris Felix, Squirrel saver

Would you give a squirrel 20 minutes of chest compression?

As a bonus, here’s man’s best friend demonstrating how he can save his trainer.

So if you thought CPR were only for humans, you thought wrong.

There are many videos on the internet on how to save your pets. It is actually very similar to human CPR too.

CPR basically helps restore the circulation by compressing the chest and by providing rescue breaths.

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