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Six easy steps for an eco-friendly Raya

Six easy steps for an eco-friendly Raya

Anne Dorall

With a big celebration like Raya on the horizon, you may find it hard to find eco-friendly ways to celebrate without feeling guilty at the easily generated trash and carbon footprint.

We’ve curated some top tips to help you drastically reduce your Raya trash yet still celebrate in style.

Explore straw alternatives

You may have your own metal straw for drinks, but you need to provide straws for your guests too!

Luckily, there are plenty of plastic alternatives, but the best one has to be lemongrass straws.

You can easily get a large bundle of lemongrass for cheap, and it adds a wonderful flavor to your sirap bandung. (Plus, it’s very Instagrammable!)

Prepare your own drinks

No need for packaged drinks! All you need is a large pitcher, glass jar, or a drink dispenser. If you host parties often, it’s a good idea to invest in one that you can reuse each time.

Mix your own cordials and be generous with a hearty dash of cut fruits. Enjoy being the talk of the town for your delicious homemade refreshments you made in 10 minutes.

Look at how Instaworthy this is!
(Picture credit: Savor the Flavor)

Reuse Duit Raya packets

If you already have a collection of your favorite packets, congratulations! If not, you can start this year.

Keep the Raya packets (check if there’s still money inside first!) and let your parents reuse them next year. Or, if you are meant to give out duit Raya, ask your younger siblings or relatives if they can help keep the nicer packets.

Have your guests BYOC

Ask your guests to bring along their own containers and reusable utensils. Tell them that they are welcome to bring home food as long as they have their own containers!

This way you won’t have food waste (which accounts for a whopping 55% of solid waste trash!), your guests will be happy, and you don’t have to wash the dishes.

Tiffin carriers have made a comeback and are all the rage right now.
(Picture credit:

DIY your own pelitas

There’s no need to spend money buying pelita lamps you would only use once. You can now make them easily out of anything, such as soft drink cans or glass jars, as this couple proves.

Or, if you are worried about open fire, there are plenty options to buy reusable LED lamps that look like the real thing, and you can always keep them for future use!

Raya clothes swap!

The best way to keep your Raya wardrobe fresh and up-to-date is a clothes swap!

Find a friend of similar size and simply exchange Raya clothes. If not, there are always pre-loved options on online platforms or clothes swap parties you can join.

It costs so much less than a brand new baju and it’s so good for the environment as well!

Would you do these eco-friendly alternatives this year? Let us know and feel free to share!

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