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The Aliff Aziz Guide For Those Of Us Who Don’t Care (But Still Want To Kay-Poh)

The Aliff Aziz Guide For Those Of Us Who Don’t Care (But Still Want To Kay-Poh)

Tldr: Aliff Aziz is an alleged chronic philanderer who was recently caught for khalwat and that case “broke the dam,” revealing all his alleged secrets.

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If you’ve been online these past few weeks, you would have seen the names Aliff Aziz, Bella Astillah, Sarah Yasmine, Ruhainies, and maybe even Caprice.

But what’s going on? Who are they? Why are they taking such a big space on a sector of the internet?

Here we try to break it down to satisfy all of our inner kay-pohs.

Who is Aliff Aziz?

Aliff Aziz is a 33-year-old Singaporean singer and actor currently based in Malaysia. He has released four albums and starred in several television dramas and reality singing shows.

Aliff Aziz and his wife, Bella Astillah. Image: Bella Astillah/FB

He married Malaysian singer-actress Bella Astillah in 2016 after knowing each other for two years and engaged for nine months. Together, they share two children, a boy and a girl aged 7 and 4 respectively.

However, the couple divorced in May 2019 but reconciled in April 2020. This is important to know because we’ll come back to that.

Why is he always trending?

Aliff is allegedly known for cheating on his wife many times. His private indiscretion blew up when he was caught for khalwat with another Malaysian actress Ruhainies on 9 March 2024.

The Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (JAWI) caught the duo at a condominium in KL. Reports indicated that Ruhainies stayed in a unit in the condo.

Bella filed for a fast-track divorce against Aliff on 13 March but he refused to grant the divorce when the case was mentioned on 4 April. He said he wanted to save his marriage. Dude, the ship has sailed.

The case will resume on 4 June.

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Aside from having numerous affairs, he was caught stealing two smartphones in Singapore in 2014 and fined $2,000.

In 2020, he was again fined $500 and sentenced to two weeks’ jail for theft and a separate charge of disorderly behaviour in public.

At the time, an Institute of Mental Health (IMH) psychiatrist found that Aliff had an adjustment disorder, but said it had no bearing on his offending behaviour.

The theft charge was for stealing money from Indonesian actress Raja Yunika Perdhana Putri. The incident was said to have happened in 2019.

Meanwhile, in 2018, a businessman accused Aliff of borrowing large sums of money to promote a product but he never did.

How many times he kantoi?

Bella claimed Aliff cheated on her 11 times. She claimed that Aliff also cheated on her with her sister Eriqa Astillah. As such, she has cut all ties with her family members in Sabah.

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As many people know, I have three sisters. So, Aliff cheated with one of my sisters, Eriqa. I loved Aliff so much to the point I threw away my own family. I never talked about this before, but I have to because even people I’ve looked up to, like my in-laws, have turned against me.

Bella told mStar

The other women rumoured to have been involved with Aliff while he was still a married man include actresses Sophia Albarakbah, Oktovia Manrose, and Afifah Nasir.

Due to feeling unappreciated and being treated poorly by Aliff, she got close to a new actor Muaz Zabir to make Aliff jealous. This happened in 2023 and they have had no contact since then.

Before the khalwat case, Bella said she and Aliff had forgiven each other and put the matter behind them. She also made amends with Aliff’s family in Singapore.

People are angry and say I’m stupid, but people don’t know how much I love my family. I want my children to have both of their parents, so I make sacrifices.

Bella Astillah

But the peace period will not last. Bella said Aliff began ignoring her again after he began filming his new drama series with co-star Ruhainies.

Aliff said he became close with Ruhainies after he shared his household problems with her while working together on set. He has since admitted that he was wrong to share his problems with Ruhainies and dragged her into trouble.

So who is Sarah Yasmine?

After the khalwat case made the news, a Singaporean woman publicly confessed that she had been Aliff’s girlfriend since January 2024.

In addition to the claim, Sarah Yasmine, a single mother of two, shared multiple screenshots of WhatsApp messages between Aliff and NRF, whom Sarah claimed to be Ruhainies.

Sarah Yasmine. Image: TRP File

Sarah and Aliff allegedly grew close because Aliff shared his household problems with her.

Speaking on The Common Folks podcast on Friday (3 May), Aliff said he reconnected with Sarah in January when he went to Singapore to visit his family. Aliff said Sarah accompanied him when he visited his family.

Thinking back, he said it was something he shouldn’t have done.

Sarah said she would still stand by Aliff and had no qualms about coming clean about their affair because she couldn’t stand it when people were critical of Aliff and not the other woman.

She said she “wants Aliff to prove to the public that he is innocent.”

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How does Caprice come into the picture?

Caprice, a Malaysian singer, has a podcast on YouTube where he acts as a mediator between parties.

He attempted to gather Aliff, Bella, Ruhainies, and Sarah together to solve the escalating controversy.

However, the plan did not come to fruition as he cancelled the meeting at the last minute due to Sarah backing out.

Caprice claimed that Sarah, who originally reached out to him first and sought for help, suddenly changed her plans.

Despite cancelling the mediation plan, he hoped all parties could solve their issues amicably.

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