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Don’t Feel Like Ironing “Old” Ringgit Notes? Here Are 5 Other Ways To Give Duit Raya!

Don’t Feel Like Ironing “Old” Ringgit Notes? Here Are 5 Other Ways To Give Duit Raya!

TikTok user DK humoured netizens after she filmed herself ironing “old” banknotes to get them crisp and flat like fresh banknotes.

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With Hari Raya Aidilfitri coming soon, many people are preparing for the celebrations by cleaning up the house and heading to the bank to get new notes to fill up the “sampul Raya” or “green packets.”

However, it’s not easy to get new, fresh notes from the bank due to limited stock. A local woman had difficulty getting new banknotes and had come up with a solution.

In a TikTok video, a woman known as DK (@dkremy) tickled netizens after she filmed herself ironing “old” banknotes to get them crisp and flat like new banknotes.

DK lightly soaked the ringgit notes in water before ironing them on a flat, wooden surface. Now that she has “new old” notes, she said she’s all set for Raya!

@dkremy Gara-gara payah dpt tukar duit baru,so aku Iron je lah duit supaya keras n nampak xkedut.. maka dgn ini, ON dah raya aku tahuni ni.. hahahaha #raya2024 #duitraya #duitraya2024🤑 ♬ Funny video "Carmen Prelude" Arranging weakness(836530) – yo suzuki(akisai)

What if you don’t feel like ironing your money?

While DK’s method clearly works, it may not be something everyone feels keen on doing.

If you find yourself in a pinch somehow, here are other ways to give “duit Raya”:

1. Bank transfer or QR Pay

If you don’t have new bank notes or Raya packets, you can still give duit Raya to your loved ones using bank transfers or QR Pay. The money goes right into their bank accounts and both sides don’t need to walk with extra cash in hand.

2. Palm to palm

This method has been mastered by all grandmothers and deploying this method requires some stealth. The palm-to-palm method works best when you use bank notes without the red or green packet. You can literally hand over duit Raya by shaking hands with the recipient when you greet them.

3. Gift card

This method is not really in the market yet and is all conceptual. Yes, there are gift cards but they are usually tied to shops. Nevertheless, just imagine being able to give ang pau in card form for a minute. Oh, the possibilities.

4. Bitcoin

Rumours have it that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still going strong and still have value. You can transfer duit Raya in the form of cryptocurrency and watch the investment grow securely. We may not know how to transfer and cash out cryptocurrency, but it’s the thought that counts. P.S: We’re joking, it’s all nonsense, and please do not use this method at all.

5. Thoughts and prayers

In place of cash, you can always pray for the well-being of your loved ones, especially when the number of nieces and nephews seems to be growing yearly. #miskin

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