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“I Wanted To Die” Cyberjaya Resident Left Shirtless After Trapped In Lift For 2 Hours

“I Wanted To Die” Cyberjaya Resident Left Shirtless After Trapped In Lift For 2 Hours

He was stuck in the lift for almost two hours.

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Getting stuck in a lift is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Yusfariq Iqmal, 29, an entrepreneur and TikToker shared his experience of getting stuck in a lift last Sunday evening at his residence in Cyberjaya.

“Stuck in the elevator for almost two hours until I was shivering and felt like I wanted to die,” he said on his TikTok account @yusfariq.

The whole incident unfolded when his mother asked his help to repair her phone which was not working after coming back home from a movie with his family and business partner.

So, he went up with his family to take the phone and then entered the lift to go downstairs where his business partner was waiting in the car.

He also left his phone in the car. His unit was on the seventh floor of the condominium.

Once he took the lift, everything was fine until the lift got stuck on the fifth floor.

“Once the lift got stuck on the 5th floor, I immediately pressed the emergency button,” he said.

There was a response from security stating that the management would be there soon. However, as time passed, security kept on repeating the same response.

As time passed he began to get panic.

“As you all know, even being stuck 15 minutes in the lift can make someone panic and lead to death,” he said.

He soon lost track of time as he was not wearing a watch and only had his mother’s handphone which was not working.

After some time, he called security and asked them to inform his family about his situation, to which they responded that they had done so.

But, in reality, they allegedly did not and his family members only knew about the situation when his business partner called his sister to ask where he was.

When his sister started to look for him, she went to the guard house and asked about her brother. It was only then the security coolingly showed her the CCTV footage of him being stuck in the lift, lying down shirtless.

While all of this was happening, Yusfariq placed himself under the elevator crossflow fan blower to get some oxygen.

Help eventually came and after getting out, he found out he had been stuck for almost two hours.

The highlight of this incident was that the security guards who were on duty supposedly did not even call the fire and rescue department to save him from his misery.


NOT LAKEFRONT RESIDENCE ! Tolong lah mana2 Security Company or Management please train your security benda emergency macam ni, kalau jadi dekat budak or orang tua? Stuck in Lift’s condo in Cyberjaya area for almost 2 hours was a crazy experience..

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“Please, security companies or management, please train your security for emergencies like this, if it happens to children or old folks?” he asked in the caption.

Many people who saw his video felt sorry for him and chided the security for not taking quick action.

One of the netizens said that the security guard should be fired.

Another netizen said that legal action should be taken against the security guards.

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