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Sure You Want To Take A Sip Of That Drink You Left In The Car?

Sure You Want To Take A Sip Of That Drink You Left In The Car?

A pest control expert shared a bitter experience he had with cockroaches.

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The sight of cockroaches or baby cockroaches in cars is a common thing. Even more so if you like to eat in the car because these creatures are just waiting to come for the crumbs you leave behind.

Pest control “sifu” on social media Khairun Naim Abu Bakar was recently asked by a TikTok user if he ever had a rare cockroach encounter.

Despite working in the field of pest control, Naim admitted to having a slight phobia of cockroaches, especially in cars.

Coffee In Car

Closeup of coffee cups inside car holder between seats

Naim shared a bitter experience he had with cockroaches. One time he bought a cup of hazelnut coffee and left it in the car for a spell.

Upon returning to his car, he took a sip of the coffee which came with a large straw.

When he took a sip, something entered his mouth which he initially thought was a chunk of nuts.

He thought to himself that the vendor must be very generous as they served him coffee containing big nuts.

When biting, he felt bitter and began to feel different. As a result of this, he checked again what he drank and apparently, what he thought was a nut was actually a cockroach!

Cockroaches In Cars

According to him, the cockroach is a German cockroach. Unlike American cockroaches that are commonly found in homes or gutters, cars are often occupied by German cockroaches.

German cockroaches can enter cars through people riding in the car or items carried into the car.

They can breed quickly even inside vehicles with high temperatures.

If food is left in a car full of German cockroaches, they are likely to come out of hiding.

Cockroaches can also enter the car through open windows and small openings, especially in dirty and infested areas.

Even if the car appears clean, cockroaches may be hiding inside, such as under the seats and speaker system.

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German Cockroach vs American Cockroach

As Naim mentioned, the cockroach he accidentally ate was German and not American.

Although these two types of cockroaches belong to the same Class Insecta and Order Blattodea, they can still be distinguished with the naked eye.

The most noticeable difference between German and American cockroaches is their size and physique.

The German cockroach is smaller than the American type. Also, German cockroaches have a light brown colour, while American cockroaches are darker in colour.

Pic Credit: AZ Animals

As Naim informed, the German cockroach reproduces quickly and faster than the American cockroach.

Cockroaches are important to the natural ecosystem

Pic for illustration purposes only

Some must be wondering, why these cockroaches exist.

Earlier, Naim had shared about the importance cockroaches in the ecosystem. He said without cockroaches, waste such as carcasses and organic waste will not be disposed of from the face of the earth.

The slow decomposition process due to the absence of cockroaches will produce gases and odours that pollute the air.

He added that some plant species will become extinct as they depend on cockroaches to grow. The cockroaches help to produce nutrients in the soil and without them the soil would become infertile.

The extinction of plants will subsequently affect certain species of animals and also humans due to the occurrence of ecological instability.

According to Naim, although cockroaches are categorised as pests, they play an important role in nature’s ecosystem.

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