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[Watch] Nami The Goat’s Unicorn Fun Run Debut Sees Owner Bringing Her For Second Run Outing

[Watch] Nami The Goat’s Unicorn Fun Run Debut Sees Owner Bringing Her For Second Run Outing

Nami, a female goat, managed to complete a 5-kilometre course during the Unicorn Fun Run event in Putrajaya.

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Cats in marathons have become a common sight. We’ve seen owners completing these running events with their pet cat on their shoulders and in carriers.

But have you seen a goat in a fun run?

Five-month-old Nami stole the spotlight at the 2023 Unity Run in Bukit Jalil on 31 December 2023.

This however isn’t Nami the Goat’s first run. According to her owner, Muhammad Firdauz Mohd Rasid, 38, Nami’s first running event was the Unicorn Fun Run in Putrajaya on 23 December 2023 where she completed five kilometres.

A video of Nami participating in the Unicorn Fun Run was shared by Firdauz on his TikTok page. Since it was shared, it has received 41,900 views.

@trakburuk Nami post running!!! Woww ramai orang nak amik gambar!! You did it.. #namigoatrunner #nami #pygmygoats #fyp ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
@trakburuk UNICORN NIGHT FUN RUN.. See you again #namifunrun #pygmygoats #nami #fyp #closing2023 #memories ♬ Moments to Memories – Adeline Hill

From the video that was posted, many were amazed by the female goat and took pictures of her.

When she was running in the event, Nami was spotted running with Firdauz, and at one point, accompanied a kid.

Many people who saw the video were impressed by Nami.

Firdauz said that after seeing Nami complete the run in Putrajaya, he decided to bring her along for the Unity Run in Bukit Jalil.

“At first, I tried to run and see if she wanted to follow or not and whether she would recognise me (as her owner). When I saw that she was okay, I figured I’d bring her along for the Unicorn Fun Run in Putrajaya on 23 December,” he said, as reported by Sinar Harian.

Why the Unicorn run? She fit the theme, he remarked, adding that his friends had also urged him to bring Nami as other people too were bringing their pets.

Nami The Goat

Nami is a Pygmy Goat breed and is cared for in a special cage, consuming soybean skin, elephant grass, and drinking normal water.

The monthly cost for Nami is between RM100 and RM200, which is not too high compared to other pets. The female goat was purchased for RM3,000 from a friend.

“Just like anyone else who has a pet, I treat Nami the same way. In addition to participating in running events, I also take her for walks and runs in recreational parks that allow pets.

“Since it is from the Pygmy Goat breed, I also took it to the animal clinic to learn more about its habitat. In terms of care, it is not complicated like cats or other animals,” he said, as reported by Harian Metro.

Firdauz has also purchased a male goat known as Merry for RM2,200 from the same friend and wishes to bring him along to running events as well.

However, it seems like Merry is not interested in running.

“Merry doesn’t seem to be interested in running, so God willing, Nami will participate in more running events because she has the support of many people and she really likes running, but if there is an opportunity, I would like to take both with me,” he said, as reported by Sinar Harian.

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