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No Tickets To See Ed Sheeran In KL? Have Fun With This Instead

No Tickets To See Ed Sheeran In KL? Have Fun With This Instead

There are things out there that some boomers may not understand, but once they do….

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What song is this?” asked the office “boomer”.

Shape of you,” said a young’un.

Correct,” another young’un chimed in.

The “boomer” then proceeded to skim through the comment section of a video posted by content creator Mark Odea on TikTok.

@markodea8 Ed Sheeran has a message for his Malaysian fans..😂 Whos going to the concert this weekend!? 🤓 #mathematicstour #prworldwide #edsheerankl2024 ♬ original sound – Mark Odea (ALAMARK!)

Posted last night, it was a video of what the “boomer” assumed was Ed Sheeran because the caption read: “Ed Sheeran has a message for his Malaysian fans.”

In the video, he was holding a toy guitar while singing Shape Of You with localised lyrics of hanging out at the mamak eating roti canai with “doll” (dhal).

As the “boomer” read the comments, it occurred to her that this might not even be Sheeran because some TikTok users said things like “Ed Sheeran from Shopee” and “This is so real Mark”.

So naturally, the “boomer” again sought help from the office young’uns.

Is that really Ed Sheeran?” the “boomer” asked.

The filter got me so confused, but his body language looks like Ed…” answered a young’un.

WHAT FILTER? The “boomer” did not realise the content creator had used a filter to make the video until the young’un brought it up.

Going back to the video on Odea’s TikTok page, the “boomer” saw the filter tag which said: Ed Sheeran’s face.

I didn’t even realise the filter until you mentioned it,” the “boomer” told her officemates.

One colleague said to the “boomer”: “We might need an intern to check this story after you write it.

He softened the message with an XD but the “boomer” felt sad. Well, not really. This is one tough “boomer”.

Determined to understand what in the AI is going on, she opened the filter tag and clicked on “Use this effect“.

Lo and behold, she saw herself on the phone screen but with Ed Sheeran’s face instead of her own. The “boomer” chuckled and took a screenshot which she then shared with the office young’uns.

Why would you do this?!?!” a colleague asked.

The XD guy meanwhile remarked: “Just wanna say AI has gone too far.” (See, he’s a “boomer” too but mostly refuses to embrace the label).

Anyway, the jury is still out if Odea got Sheeran to record a song using Ed Sheeran’s Face filter or it was Odea himself.

To the TikTok user who said he thought it was really Sheeran, Odea replied: “It is, it’s Ed.”

The lyrics were rather cute as instead of “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover”, it was replaced with “The club isn’t the best place to find a meal so to the mamak is where I go, me and my friends at the table drinking kopi, teh tarik and Milo.”

Since it was posted last night, Odea has collected over 9K likes for the video.

Sheeran is set to hit the stage at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium tomorrow night for his +-=÷× Mathematics tour.

If you did not manage to get tickets, this “boomer” highly recommends the Ed Sheeran’s Face filter so you can just pretend to be Sheeran instead.

Sheeran is also known to hit the town before his concerts, so maybe you can catch him at a mamak restaurant.

Earlier, PR Worldwide posted a video of Sheeran asking for recommendations on what to do in KL.

“I can’t wait to be back in your beautiful city,” he said.

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