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Content Creators Open Up About The Power Of TikTok Shop [Exclusive] 

Content Creators Open Up About The Power Of TikTok Shop [Exclusive] 

Three local content creators share how TikTok Shop has helped them grow their businesses.

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TikTok is no doubt among the most popular social media platforms these days. Be it for entertainment or even keeping up with the news, online users have strongly resonated with TikTok’s entertaining and engaging features. 

In fact, the platform, to date, has garnered over 1 billion monthly active users. But while the platform is generally known for churning out content, did you know that TikTok is also a platform for local businesses? 

TikTok Shop

On TikTok Shop, brands and creators are able to engage with customers. 

Just by utilising the platform’s LIVE streams and scrolling through TikTok For You’s section, brands and creators can now share their services online, delivering a seamless and entertaining shopping experience for users. 

All this while boosting their following and revenues as business entrepreneurs. To learn more about the perks of TikTok Shop, TRP speaks with three local entrepreneurs who have greatly benefited from using the latest feature. 

  1. What was life and business like before joining TikTok Shop? 

Emajie Boutique: 

Our business mainly focuses on selling local perfumes online. Before joining TikTok Shop, we had only conducted our business through posting pictures and videos on social media. We have never tried and explored LIVE before TikTok Shop. 



Prior to joining TikTok Shop, we operated an offline women’s shoe business. But after recognising the future potential of e-commerce, we transitioned online, particularly into TikTok Shop. 


Kedai Bookcafe:

We had only been selling books on our website, at book fairs, and in our showroom before joining TikTok Shop. Our main focus was on our website, which we were required to spend more on ads to gain traffic. 

  1. Why did you decide to join TikTok Shop then? 

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Emajie Boutique: 

I wanted to educate and share my passion for perfumes with more people and reach a new audience online. 

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We were inspired by our friends’ enthusiasm for TikTok LIVE streams. We were also observing the overseas trend of livestream selling. So, we decided to give it a try. We believe that this novel approach could significantly benefit our business. 

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Kedai Bookcafe: 

Our July sales in 2022 showed a downward trend following the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2022 (PBAKL). Sales were strong during PBAKL but started declining after that in July. 

We then noticed that certain e-commerce players were beginning to sell on TikTok Shop. So, we decided to give it a try to uncover a fresh opportunity to generate revenue. 

  1. How has TikTok Shop played a role in your success as an entrepreneur? 
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Emajie Boutique: 

TikTok Shop played a huge role in improving my business and success. The milestone achieved by TikTok Shop is huge and still growing. 

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TikTok LIVE allows us to reach potential customers, showcase products in detail, and directly interact with buyers, addressing their queries during live streams. 

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Kedai Bookcafe: 

What I can say is that TikTok Shop is a ray of hope for the book industry. With TikTok Shop, we can grow our sales and reach a new market segment that we were unable to reach with a typical marketing strategy.

We have a program called Usahawan Buku, where we work with content creators known as “Booktokers” to sell our books. TikTok Shop has been a huge benefit to us. 

  1. Could you share this with us in more detail? What has been a milestone that TikTok Shop has helped you achieve? 

Emajie Boutique: 

Obtaining 7 figures per month on TikTok Shop. Apart from that, I have also been able to grow my business from having just five workers to then employing 30 people for my new offices. 

I have also received the TikTok Shop award, recognised as the top 3 sellers in our category on 11.11 in 2022. Last but not least, I was presented with the Top Young CEO award in 2022 by former prime minister Dato’ Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.


Achieving 10k followers within the span of a month after starting LIVE streams on TikTok. 

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Kedai Bookcafe:

Our greatest accomplishment to date is that we have already paid our affiliates over one million ringgit this year alone. 

Many of our affiliates have shared their success stories with us, and one of them was even able to use the commission they received from selling books on TikTok Shop to pay for their house deposit. 

  1. Why do you think users have resonated well with businesses on TikTok compared to other social media platforms? 

Emajie Boutique: 

TikTok Shop does not discriminate against anyone. It favours bold, diligent, and hardworking users. 

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TikTok’s LIVE interaction feature allows viewers to communicate with hosts in real time, providing instant answers to queries. The platform’s convenience enhances user engagement and satisfaction. 

Kedai Bookcafe: 

On TikTok, the huge difference is the prevalence of User Generated Content (UGC). That is why our affiliate program runs really well on TikTok and captures new customer markets. 

On the platform, potential customers can view honest reviews of our books from a customer’s perspective. I can say that the TikTok affiliate program creates one of the best referral programs as it has been very effective for us. 

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Besides that, what I also like about TikTok is that as long as your content is entertaining and beneficial to others, the number of views can go up in the millions even if your follower count is not significant. 

As such, this provides equal opportunities for everyone, which explains its popularity among businesses. 

  1. What have been some of the strategies that you have implemented that made you successful on TikTok Shop? 

Emajie Boutique: 

I have made it a habit to create my videos for the purpose of educating my followers. Hence, a lot of my videos are about my knowledge and journey in this field. I also often do LIVE sessions to interact directly with my followers and viewers.


Participating in free shipping campaigns and offering Cash On Delivery (COD) for convenience have been key strategies for our success. 

Kedai Bookcafe: 

Everyone is aware that content creation is key on TikTok, but we had a roadblock within our team as we did not have an internal content producer. This is when we found out about TikTok’s Affiliate Program.

We then decided to utilise it and we are proud to say that 90% of our revenue comes from affiliate creators. We also currently have 40,000 affiliates, including retirees, students, and stay-at-home moms. 

  1. How do you think TikTok will continue to grow with entrepreneurs and businesses (especially SMEs) in the future? 
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Emajie Boutique: 

TikTok Shop has changed the way businesses work by making it more simple, easy, and accessible to people, especially SMEs. With TikTok Shop improving its offerings and making things more efficient, it will definitely be a great environment for businesses to flourish.


TikTok’s support for local SMEs through training, guidance, and reasonable transaction charges, coupled with providing an additional platform for businesses, indicates growth potential in challenging times. 

Kedai Bookcafe: 

TikTok can be one of the main marketing channels for a business as it creates a great ecosystem. SMEs can have a complete e-commerce ecosystem at a lower cost compared to having our own e-commerce system for a start.

TikTok could also organise more seminars on selling and marketing for sellers to optimise their operations on the platform.

  1. How would you like to grow and expand your business next on TikTok?
@emajieofficial Tunggu kami WARGA SLATAN !!! #outlet #slatan0108 #melaka #johorbahru #emajie #comingsoon ♬ original sound – emajieofficial

Emajie Boutique: 

Definitely by aggressively sharing more knowledge and value to our viewers. We will be increasing our channels and collaborating with affiliates to spread the values more effectively by adopting current trends and improving existing channels.


Our plans include expanding our shoe variety and offering more choices at affordable prices. Ultimately, we aspire to become a Malaysian brand with global recognition in the future.

Kedai Bookcafe:

Our next project is to open up an affiliate hub center with our affiliate members and call it Usahawan Buku. 

The hub will be providing LIVE studios and seminar rooms for our affiliates to utilize by next year. Our focus will be on producing our own content and LIVE streaming on TikTok Shop.

If you are interested in learning more about TikTok Shop, head on to this website! But if you are looking to start an account, click here to kickstart your business career on TikTok Shop!

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