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Kitten Sneaks Into Exam Hall And Plays With Lanyard During Examination 

Kitten Sneaks Into Exam Hall And Plays With Lanyard During Examination 

The kitten snuck into the hall confidently and grabbed the lanyard from a student’s table.

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An adorable clip of a kitten playing in an exam hall has gone viral on TikTok. The kitten which snuck into the hall during an examination, went viral as it warmed the hearts of netizens online. 

As seen in the TikTok video by @norshahida1068, the students were in the middle of their examination. As such, the hall’s environment was quiet and intense as expected. 


Yet, that did not stop a little kitten from sneaking into the hall and treating it as its playground. Not only did it stroll through the hall with confidence, but it was also in the mood to play. 

Upon entering the premises, the kitten immediately sought after a student’s lanyard that caught its eye. 

The lanyard which was innocently dangling from the student’s table, was snatched by the kitten, quickly becoming the kitten’s new toy.


alahaiiii…😂 geramnyaa…

♬ Me and My Pet – Eitan Epstein Music

While the students did not pay much attention to the situation, the exam mediator was left in awe by the event. So much so that they recorded it.

Not able to focus 

Netizens were surprised that the students did not react to the little incident. 

Users noted how it would have been difficult for them to complete the examination as they would be busy staring at the kitten. 


Others were in awe of the kitten’s antics, saying how adorable it was to see it comfortably play in public. 

Stay away from me 

But while this kitten may have received love from human beings, one kitten unfortunately was not embraced by a human. 

According to another TikTok video, a kitten this time, was used as leverage to scare an individual. User @Firdaus Jurin was seen with his group of friends in his hostel as evident in the video. 


And a kitten was in their presence. While the majority of his friends were not bothered by the kitten, one roommate was terrified by the little furry friend. 

So much so that he left the room when one individual brought the kitten towards him. 

Many in the comment section found this interaction adorable. Seeing how the individual was a guy, users found it hilarious that he was afraid of a tiny creature. 

While others interestingly could relate to him, saying how he is not alone in his fear of cats. 


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