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[Watch] Family Overjoyed When Their Pet Cat Felix Returns Home After Going Missing For 5 Months

[Watch] Family Overjoyed When Their Pet Cat Felix Returns Home After Going Missing For 5 Months

The cat was found meowing outside their house.

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Pet owners will agree that when a pet comes to one’s home it becomes a part of the family and is treated just like any other family member. Thus, it will break the family’s heart if the pet goes missing and cannot be found.

However, a cat found its way back home after going missing for 5 months. In a TikTok video posted by @Daporos, it can be seen a child carrying the cat known as Felix while crying happy tears.

She stated in the caption that the kids missed Felix very much.

“Even yesterday the children were crying missing Felix.”

However, on a fine morning while preparing to send the kids to tuition, she heard a cat right outside the house meowing.

Then she heard one of the kids calling out for her from the outside saying that Felix had come back.

“Ayong’s voice was heard calling from outside the house… mommy… mommy… Felix came back… mommy… carrying Felix on her shoulder.”

@daporos_ SETELAH 5 BULAN HILANG TANPA JEJAK Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki kami lagi dengan Felix. Semalam pun anak² duk nangis rindu Felix. Pagi nie tengah siap² nak p hantar ayong ke kelas tuition, dengar bunyi kucing duk meoww… meoww kat luar rumah.. (hati kecilku berkata itu bunyi macam suara Felix) Terdengar suara ayong memanggil-manggil dari luar rumah…. mommy…mommy… Felix balik… mommy…sambil pangku Felix. Ayong menangis kesedihan dapat jumpa balik dengan Felix. Mommy pun sebak jugak dibuatnya.🥺 Alahai kesian tengok keadaan Felix. Kurus tak terurus. Muka comot. Kelaparan. Kalau ikutkan 13/10 Aritu dia check up. Takpe kita g check nanti yer Felix. ke mana kamu menghilang Felix. Finally jumpa jalan pulang 😻 Kata Ayong, Alhamdulillah Allah makbulkan doa kita kan mommy. #terimakasihAllah #Alhamdulillah #felixthecat #maincooncat #syukur ♬ Dawai (From "Air Mata Di Ujung Sajadah") – Fadhilah Intan

Though Felix came back, he appeared to be in a poor state. In another video, it was stated that the poor cat was too tired to even eat.

@daporos_ Kesian Felix penat sangat tue. nasi gaul dengan ikan pun dia xde selera lagi tue. tadi spray dekat bulu dengan anti fungus dan kutu. esok appointment dgn doc. last week 13/10 daa check up dengan doc. xpe nanti kita story sama doc. 😻 #syukur #maincooncat #felixthecat #Alhamdulillah #allahmahabesar #terimakasihAllah #fyp #kucing #comebackhome ♬ Go to Sleep (Lullaby for Pets) – Steven Current

Nevertheless, Felix was taken to the vet and is in better shape now. He has even started eating normally.

@daporos_ Replying to @seketoltimo terima kasih semua yang mana ambil berat kat Felix. sorry xdpt nak reply satu persatu Komen. terima kasih Komen yg baik², NASIHAT dan juga doa untuk Felix. mereka yg kehilangan kucing, saya doakan supaya kucing akan kembali semula. insyaallah ada rezeki. amin #mainecooncat #kucingtiktok #syukuralhamdulillah #after5monthsmissing #fyp #catlovers #cat #felix ♬ Pretty song that imaged a sleeping baby – Azuline

However, many netizens who saw the video of Felix returning home stated that it could have been a case of someone allegedly throwing the cat away without the owner’s knowledge.

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