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[Watch] Sister Shares Terrifying Story Of Brother’s Phone Catching Fire While Charging Overnight

[Watch] Sister Shares Terrifying Story Of Brother’s Phone Catching Fire While Charging Overnight

The video has gone viral on TikTok and the brother has promised not to leave his phone charging overnight again.

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Charging smartphones at night is normal, especially just before bed. In fact, some people charge their phones while using them before putting it under their pillow or by the side of the bed.

However, this is not exactly advisable.

Muhammad Irfan Aiman, 16, learned a valuable lesson when his mobile phone seemingly exploded while the family was sleeping soundly.

This incident was shared by his sister, Nurain Najiha Mohd Sobri, 21, on TikTok, and according to her, this was the first fire incident that happened in her house.

Najiha said she was awakened from her slumber upon smelling smoke.

“Woke up because of the smell of smoke in the house, I don’t know why, apparently my brother’s mobile phone exploded!” she stated in her video.

She also thanked God for protecting her family from the unfortunate incident.

@nurain.najiiha allah 😭😭,first & last jadikn pengajaran 🙏🏾#fypシ゚viral #foryou #overnightcas #meletopkebaboo ♬ Syi'ir Tawasul Al-Rifa'ie – Al-Rifa'ie Satu

Najiha said her younger brother frequently charged the phone longer than usual and even used it while it was charging.

According to NST, Muhammad Irfan Aiman said he is never going to charge his mobile phone while sleeping again.

He is also having trouble sleeping in his room now as he is traumatised by the incident.

Meanwhile Nurain said that the purpose of posting the TikTok video about what happened to her younger brother was to alert and remind people of the risks associated with charging a phone while sleeping.

Those who saw the video were shocked about the incident and were grateful that the family was safe and sound.

Phone Overcharging

According to an article published by PcMag, heat may be produced via trickle charges. Many experts advise leaving a phone out of its case while it charges overnight. That however, is not always possible with a complex protective cover.

When charging, avoid stacking things on the device and do not put the phone under your pillow.

Doing so may make the phone hot—perhaps not hot enough to cause spontaneous combustion, but hot enough to harm the battery.

Some people advise placing the charging device on a metal surface that is more likely to disperse heat, such as a dish or saucer.

This is similar to what a heatsink on a computer’s processor does.

Make sure that the charging cable that is being used is a certified one, or just stick to the original cable that is given by the manufacturers.

With all that said, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Thus, the easiest way to avoid all these problems is to avoid charging your phone overnight.

Plus, phones nowadays come with fast charging capabilities, therefore, you can always charge your phone once you are awake.

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