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Thai Man Battles Giant Python, Then Strikes Lottery Gold

Thai Man Battles Giant Python, Then Strikes Lottery Gold

Malachan’s life-long affinity for snakes played a pivotal role in this improbable survival tale.

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In a quiet corner of Samut Prakan, Thailand, an elderly man named Sarayut Malachan experienced an incredible sequence of events that transformed his life into some of the most volatile swings of fortune. 

Malachan, a 68-year-old security guard, faced an astonishing predicament. It all started when fate intertwined with his curiosity. 

Workers at a factory had unknowingly stumbled upon a python couple’s cozy hideout, complete with their precious eggs.

The discovery led to a forced eviction of the pythons and their unborn offspring, sent away in a backhoe and into the forest.

However, Malachan’s adventure was far from over. With the eggs left abandoned, he decided to whip up a meal.

Who would’ve thought that this seemingly innocent act would later lead to a late-night showdown of epic proportions?

Having unintentionally consumed python eggs, he became the target of the snake’s retribution.

One night, whilst asleep, he was ambushed by the python, enduring a bite to his foot and the lash of its tail.

“If I didn’t fight, I’d be dead. I could barely breathe,” he explained to the media. 

“Since a python’s weakness is its tail, just bite at it. I grabbed its tail and bit, and it let me go.”

Some may even say the serpent harbored vengeful intentions after the man had cooked and eaten some of its eggs.

Unfazed, Malachan drew upon his past experience as a monk who cared for snakes. Summoning his courage, he clutched the python’s tail and retaliated.

Surprisingly, the python yielded, leaving Malachan battered but triumphant.

Malachan (right) at the police station with the Python after winning the fight against it. Source: KhaoSod

Yet, the story didn’t end there. After surviving the python encounter, Malachan discovered that fate was not yet done with him. Holding a lottery ticket with the correct numbers, he secured a substantial prize of THB3 million.

Coincidentally, the encounter aligned with a lottery win. 

While some might dismiss it as superstition, there’s a belief that encountering snakes brings luck. Among his 10 tickets for the 16 August draw, one bore the winning combination, netting him THB3 million. 

This wasn’t Malachan’s first lottery victory, and it won’t be his last. He plans to participate in the 1 September draw and, if luck strikes again, donate most of his winnings to charitable causes.

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