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[Watch] Auxiliary Cop Records Sighting Of “Pontianak”

[Watch] Auxiliary Cop Records Sighting Of “Pontianak”

He has had many instances where he heard the sound of a Pontianak but this is the first time he saw it.

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Ghosts, spirits, and the devil have always been a topic of discussion around the world. While many do not believe in such things, there are still a large number of people who believe in ghosts and have shared their experiences in confronting them.

Recently, an auxiliary policeman known as Ihsan Ikmal shared a video of a ghost known as “Pontianak” while he was patrolling an area with his colleagues. This incident took place around 2am.

In the video, he stated that he was constantly being disturbed by this spirit and had heard the spine-chilling noise that the Pontianak made, but this was the first time the spirit decided to show itself.

Disclaimer: The video may be uncomfortable to watch. Please watch it at your own risk.


Kuatkan semangat sahabat seangkatan, nawaitu kita cari rezeki, dia pun mahluk allah jugak. Untuk adik adik Baru benda ni normal .

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In the video that he shared, an eerie figure with long hair and a white dress was seen floating in the air and making a sound that is like an owl, only creepier.

According to an interview with Harian Metro, Ihsan stated that he shot the video himself using his mobile phone.

The auxiliary policeman said he has been on the job for eight years.

The disturbing sound is common at night and early morning. He said some senior citizens have reported encountering the creature. The area was originally a palm oil plantation, but it was later developed.

He hoped his sharing would be viewed in a positive light and not discourage anyone, especially the young ones venturing into security related work. He believes it is normal and one of the challenges in the job.

What is a Pontianak?

Pontianak is said to be a pregnant woman who dies in childbirth or as a consequence of male-inflicted violence transforms into a ghost known as the Pontianak, according to legend in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

The Pontianak seduces men with a white dress and long, black hair (an aesthetic shared by Sadako from the Japanese cult novel Ringu), then rips open their bellies with her dagger-like claws and devours the organs in a grisly feast.

The frangipani flower’s lovely perfume is frequently followed by a smell that is designed to imitate a decaying corpse when she is around.

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