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Lonely PS5 Abandoned In Parking Lot Looking For Owner

Lonely PS5 Abandoned In Parking Lot Looking For Owner

Although the owner was contacted through an e-mail address found in the gaming console, they have yet to reply.

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In the world of gaming, the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) console is considered to be a gem amongst all the gaming devices.

Since the PS5 was released, it has been the dream of many gamers to own one.

However, Twitter user @ArishaRozaidee shared that a PS5 console, in a bag, was found in the parking lot of her condominium complex.

Based on the replies, the owner of the abandoned PS5 has not been found, but not for a lack of trying.

Arisha said she even tried to e-mail the owner after getting the information from the gaming console, but she did not receive a reply yet.

Upon examining the photo that was shared, it seems like the owner did not just abandon the gaming console but also some games in the bag.

Many reacted to the tweet. Well, who wouldn’t, it is afterall a PS5 and apparently, a working one.

However, as a fellow Twitter user said, the gaming console may have been blocked as it could have been reported stolen and there is a chance the person who bought the gaming console was scammed.

According to Career Gamers, a video game console can be “bricked” by the PS5 customer service and it is rendered inoperable or unusable, thereby becoming a “brick” or worthless thing.

When a console is “bricked,” it often implies that a serious software or firmware problem has rendered it incapable of performing its intended functions.

The PS5 will no longer function after being “bricked” by Sony’s customer support.

A notice stating that the PS5 cannot access PSN or any PS5 account will appear each time an attempt is made to turn on the device.

Since there were no such incidents stated by Arisha and the fact the she was able to retrieve the email address, points to the possibility that it was not a stolen PS5.

However, the real story behind the lonely PS5 would only be known when its owner comes forth and reveals what happened.

Until then, the PS5 will be missing and thinking about the time that it spent gaming with its owner.

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