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Woman Crying Over Death Of Two Pet Cats Devoured By Snake Tugs Hearts

Woman Crying Over Death Of Two Pet Cats Devoured By Snake Tugs Hearts

One cat was eaten by the snake while the other was squeezed to death in the cage.

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It might be silly to some, but the loss of a beloved pet is one of the most depressing and heartbreaking feelings ever experienced by an animal lover. Pets are not only just mere animals, but they’re there in your daily life, making them feel like family.

Only a pet owner can truly understand the loss felt by another pet lover.

Recently, a video of a woman wailing frantically went viral when she heard the news that her two beloved pet cats died because of a hungry snake.

(Credit: @eayazainuddin / TikTok)

TikTok user Eayazainuddin recorded her sister reacting to the harrowing news on Sunday (9 July) in Shah Alam. The video garnered over 5 M views and 432 K likes at the time of writing.

In the video, the woman, known as Kak Cha, is seen crying and wailing uncontrollably in her mother’s arms when she saw the body of her deceased cat, lying lifeless in the cage.

According to the caption, Eayazainuddin explained that her sister’s cats both died. One was devoured and another one was squeezed by the same snake.


Berlarilah selajunya di langit 🐱 Semoga Haehae jumpa Kakcha dekat sana nanti. 2 ekor kucing Kakcha mati. Sekor kene belit. Sekor dalam perut ular. Lagi sakit bila anak Haehae tengok Haehae kene belit 😭

♬ Cinta Terakhir – Aiman

Speaking to BuzzKini, she also explained that the cats were caged outside because they were recently just vaccinated. But by the time their brother went to check on the cats, he found a snake inside it and it was already too late.

They didn’t tell Kak Cha about the incident as she was at work at the time. Kak Cha works at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) which explains the attire she was wearing in the video.

Others relate to her tragic loss

A lot of people flooded the comment section with their thoughts and encouraging words to Kak Cha.

In fact, some even shared their own experiences in dealing with the loss of their beloved pets.

“Only a pet owner can feel how painful it is to lose a pet”, described one user.

“I saw a snake squeezing a cat once too. The snake was as big as my calves and it was definitely hopeless for the cat. I pulled the snake’s tail and it released the cat. I didn’t manage to catch it as it slithered away,” stated another commenter.

“It’s because of the things like this that I never adopted anymore cats. I didn’t even eat for a while when I lost my cat before this. “

So have you ever lost a beloved pet before? How did you cope?

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