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“Macam Review Kuih Raya” – Nonchalant Video Reviewing Exotic Snakes Makes Some Of Us Queasy

“Macam Review Kuih Raya” – Nonchalant Video Reviewing Exotic Snakes Makes Some Of Us Queasy

The woman is apparently a professional exotic pet keeper and breeder who does regular pet reviews on social media.

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Recently, a video of a woman giving a review of pet snakes went viral on social media.

The video was originally from TikTok, and @facktura shared it with the caption: “She’s reviewing the snakes like a mere kuih raya.”

He posted the video from TikTok, and said in disbelief, “She’s reviewing the snakes like a mere kuih raya,”.

In the video, a woman is seen showing her journey in getting the stock of exotic African snakes from the airport cargo. She showed how Perhilitan checked all the necessary precautions and then brought the snakes home.

She then proceeds to introduce several types of snakes to her viewers which are kept in small transparent containers. From beginner-friendly Ball Pythons to Gaboon Vipers, she seemed quite calm and experienced in handling the reptiles. She explained thoroughly on what type of snakes they are, how to care for them as pets and how much they cost.

With her enthusiastic explanations and chipper attitude, she really looks like she’s reviewing food products. In addition, the snakes are kept in those containers that look quite similar to kuih raya containers. The similarity is uncanny.

Netizens poured in their views

In the comment section, a lot of people reacted to the video. Some were queasy with the idea of exotic snakes being kept as pets and some do not condone it at all.

She’s from Brotherhood Reptiles, an exotic pet keeper & breeder

Based on our findings, the video is just a regular “product review” from a KL-based business that specializes in exotic pets. They have been selling snakes, turtles, lizards, and amphibians for years and have over 9 years of hands-on experience with animal care as well as breeding.

According to their website, their operation is claimed in accordance with laws and they do education and research on these animals too.

In most of their videos, they will introduce several species of animals that they’re selling or breeding and educate the public on animal care. They don’t just do reptiles, sometimes, they explain about other exotic animals too, just for education and content.

Besides labelling the prices, when reviewing an animal, they would also state whether it requires a license from the necessary authorities or don’t.

They also sell phytons, boas and venomous snakes too but will warn users on which is a beginner-friendly pet and which requires a professional hobbyist.

Exotic but pet-rifying

Whether it’s beautiful or docile, exotic pets are not all truly legal. Some are, but some may fall into a grey area of the long list of prohibited species.

As reported by NST, according to Wildlife biologist Dr Tengku Rinalfi Putra Tengku Azizan, there’s a loophole in the exotic species law because new species are discovered daily and many are not listed as banned or restricted animals. This proves a problem in our exotic wildlife field.

Plus, the ownership of exotic pets, such as reptiles, especially venomous ones, should thoroughly be assessed because if bad things were to happen, this would not only endanger the lives of the owner but the lives of the public there as well.

One such example is the deadly case of a Puff Ader snake escaping captivity and killing the owner’s friend in Selangor last year.

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According to The Star, the communications manager for wildlife trade watchdog Traffic, Elizabeth John, said that those intending to keep exotic animals as pets should be well aware of the legal risks should they purchase one prohibited under the law. The excuse of ‘I didn’t know’ does not hold up as an excuse in the court.

On top of that, there are even cases of suppliers poaching the animals from the wild and passing them off as captive-bred to circumvent wildlife protection laws. The exotic pet trade is a risky plank to walk on.

Besides endangering the lives of others and the pet itself, irresponsible owners can endanger ecosystems once the pet is released or escaped to the wild.

Those who wish to keep these animals should check to obtain a legal license for several species. They should be well-prepared with spacious space, healthy food, regular check-ups, vaccinations, and also safety measures like antivenoms and several others.

Owning a pet is not as easy as it seems, especially for the exotic one. Think responsibly.

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