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Aina Abdul’s Big Stage Look Made Us Long For Our Beds, Designer Says It’s “Deep”

Aina Abdul’s Big Stage Look Made Us Long For Our Beds, Designer Says It’s “Deep”

Complete with a bolster and a warm blanket, Aina Abdul’s recent fashion look certainly made a statement.

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She’s done it again peeps.

Aina Abdul, known for her outlandish and unconventional fashion sense, has captured the attention of the public once again.

This time around, she came in the scene styling her fluffy blanket dress or basically, a bed.

Coming to judge on season 5 of the local musical competition show, Big Stage Week 4, Aina Abdul made a grand entrance that caught the eyes of literally everyone.

Her outfit consists of a colorful big blanket and bolster, sewn to what appears to be a puffer jacket and a skirt. Even her shoes and hijab were made with the same fabric too.

Well, at least she didn’t fall asleep in her couture outfit during the show. Or did she?

It’s called, “Wave Of Emotions” by fashion designer, Masyadi Mansoor

Started from a fashion design graduate from UiTM, Masyadi Mansoor, or Ahmad Masyadi Hussaini Che Mansoor has been designing distinctive and experimental designs with his MSYD brand.

Specifically for this look, he designed it as a bed, because that’s where we “let it all out” after going through a day filled with a range of emotions. #deep

People experience a variety of emotions, ranging from some of the happiest and most euphoric feelings to some of the greatest anxieties and deepest sorrows. At the end of the day, bed is the place we let it all out.

Masyadi Mansoor, Fashion Designer

This is not the first outfit he designed for Aina Abdul, in fact he designed many, including the metallic dress, the army outfit, the parachute dress, PVC leather corset, and puffer dress. We’re guessing lots of his inspiration came from his love of puffer jacket.

Take a look at his designs here.

Netizens had a lot to say

Based on the comment section, a lot of people shared their opinions and reactions towards her new outfit.

Although she has lots of fans supporting her every bizarre outfit choices, most people find it amusing and just plain weird.

With her enormous and inflexible fashion piece, a lot of people are wondering how does she move in that outfit without disturbing the sight of others behind her.

Some people just take this opportunity to make fun of her unique dress.

Let’s take a look at her glorious eccentric looks over the years

Aina Abdul has been styled by one of the best designers in Malaysia’s fashion industry including Melinda Looi, Kel Wen, Tengku Syahmi, Masyadi Mansoor and more. These designers are known for their bespoke, avant-grande and high-fashion curations.

Here are some of the over the top outfits that Aina Abdul rocked during the years.

1. The “Hairy Bison” Dress

Specifically asked to create this outfit, the “hair” dress was worn by Aina Abdul at her concert in A Night With Aina Abdul.

This was created with 140 wigs, braided meticulously by Melinda Looi and her team.

2. The “Rafflesia” “Black Rose” Dress

Aina wore this flower-head piece during the 2021 Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian.

Deisgned by Tan Kel Wan with his Behati brand, Tan said that this dress from his “Kutior” collection was inspired by a 1967 look by Spanish fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga.

3. The “Garbage Bag” “Mother of Roses” Dress

This truly eccentric piece was also from Behati, worn by Aina during 2022’s KLFW. It was a continuation from the previous black rose dress, and you could say that this couture is the mother of all roses.

People really had a lot to say with this over the top piece, but Aina just calmly laughed off the mean remarks by saying,”For me, whatever comments are given is just their imagination. I see it as fashion, but other people see it differently. I understand, people couldn’t help but laugh from just one take.”

4. The “Flowery Garden” Dress

Aina wore this piece from Melinda Looi, in the 36th AJL while she performed alongside her co-singer, Khai Bahar.

This dress was inspired from the theme of blooming flower, hence, this array of flowering garden filled with both fake and real flowers.

5. The “Wrapping Paper” “Gold Trophy” Dress

This was actually a gold award trophy inspired dress, created by Tengku Syahmi, the same designer who was in charge of her literal bloody dress for her AJL34’s Sumpah performance.

Aina said, since most awards, like the Grammys, Oscars and AJL all have gold trophies, they wanted to express that even if they don’t win the AJL, the dress would still make them feel like a winner.

But you gotta admit though, if anyone could pull off these eccentric looks glamorously, it’s definitely Aina Abdul. Stay slaying Aina!

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