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Anyone Not Happy We’re Coming, We’re So Sorry – Chris Martin Sends Message Of Love To All Malaysians

Anyone Not Happy We’re Coming, We’re So Sorry – Chris Martin Sends Message Of Love To All Malaysians

In an exclusive interview with the Hitz morning Crew, Chris Martin ended the session with a heartfelt message addressing all Malaysians.

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The news of Coldplay coming to Malaysia has received mixed views from Malaysians.

A lot of people are excited about the arrival of one of the best live concert makers in the world to finally step into Malaysia to perform. But a few Malaysians are not that keen, citing that it would be supporting a hedonistic and perverse culture.

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However, believe it or not, Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin actually hears the support and complaint of his fans and well, non-supporters.

In a recent interview with the Hitz Morning Crew’s Arnold and Anne, Chris Martin talked about how excited the band is to come for their first-ever concert in Malaysia, their sustainability efforts during a concert, their Star Wars-inspired song and more.

But what catches the hearts of fans the most is what Chris Martin said at the end of the interview.

When asked if he has a final message to the eager Malaysian fans, Chris said that he really does have an important message.

“We’re so grateful and happy to be coming to Kuala Lumpur. It’s somewhere we’ve loved and respected from a distance for so long. Every time I meet Malaysian people, I feel such a sense of love and warmth,” expressed Chris.

In addition, he also addressed how they feel about anyone who does not support them and apologized.

Everybody is welcomed to our show. We love all people, all kinds of people, all religions, all leaders, all followers, nobody is excluded.

We really want you to come to our show feel free to be yourself and feel free to let everybody else be themselves.

Anyone that is not happy that we’re coming, we’re so sorry, but we love you too.

Chris Martin, Vocalist & Pianist of Coldplay

Take a look at the clip here.

This undoubtedly goes to show that whatever their fans or non-supporters say, Coldplay does care and does not turn a blind eye.

Well, let’s just hope they hear our desperate plea of having a Day 2 for their concert in November.

If you wanna watch the full exclusive interview of Hitz Morning Crew with Chris Martin, visit their Instagram here.

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