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Girls’ Compelling Presentation To Dad Earned Them Their Own Rooms

Girls’ Compelling Presentation To Dad Earned Them Their Own Rooms

Former Berjaya CEO Jalil Rasheed’s daughters made a presentation deck to convince him to give them their own bedrooms.

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Children learn things from their parents and mimic their parents’ actions, so parents must be mindful of what they say and how they behave in front of their children.

Former Berjaya CEO Jalil Rasheed recently recounted an adorable story of the way his daughters convinced him to give them their own bedrooms at home.

His daughters have asked him constantly about getting their own rooms. To get to the bottom of the issue, he asked his daughters to present him with a persuasive argument using facts to convince him to give them their own rooms.

Both daughters went above and beyond with their presentation because they included a registration process with ticket stubs to enter the “presentation” hall.

Funnily, Jalil pointed out that only one daughter put in the presentation work while the other just helped to change the presentation slides.

The girls gave some convincing reasons, albeit one-sided, to have their own rooms instead of sharing such as saving energy costs.

They ended the presentation by highlighting a benefit for the parents should they get their wish fulfilled: the promise to help with house chores.

The girls also included a link if their parents wanted to ask more questions and had manual forms on standby if the link failed to work.

Jalil said it’s apparent that his work influenced the way they presented their ideas by summarising facts and building presentation decks.

He’s happy to report that the girls got their own bedrooms after the convincing presentation.

Jalil added that he was glad that the school taught his daughters how to make presentation slides, and he intends to help them develop grit in the next lesson.

He admitted that it’s a tougher challenge because it’s normal for parents to want to shelter their children from difficulties.

Netizens loved his approach to managing the issue and praised his daughters for their brilliant presentation. They appreciated the fact that his daughters had to use facts and rationale to convince him.

They also shared funny stories of the way they tried persuading their parents to give them their own room when they were younger.

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