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[Watch] Malaysian Youtubers Get ChatGPT To Write A Hilarious Diss-Track About Jay Chou

[Watch] Malaysian Youtubers Get ChatGPT To Write A Hilarious Diss-Track About Jay Chou

Malaysian Youtubers ‘Steady Gang’ prompted ChatGPT to write a funny song about Mandopop King Jay Chou and it began making fun of the singer’s difficult lyrics and singing style.

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A trio of Malaysian Youtubers, collectively known as Steady Gang, is famous for making Mandopop parodies.

Their latest target was none other than the King of Mandopop, Jay Chou, and they decided to use ChatGPT to write a song about the popular singer.

For the first prompt, the group asked the AI (artificial intelligence) writer to write a song with Jay Chou as a topic.

ChatGPT provided a few lines singing praises of Chou saying he’s the king of music.

For the second prompt, Steady Gang asked for the lyrics to be funnier. In response, ChatGPT complained about Jay Chou’s songs being hard to comprehend.

Your lyrics are too hard to understand, like reading ancient text.

ChatGPT writing the lyrics

This was a playful jibe at Chou’s way of singing and rapping. Listeners have always commented that they couldn’t make out what Chou sings most of the time because he mumbles his way through the song.

The third prompt requested ChatGPT to make the lyrics rhyme and that was when the masterpiece was formed.

We are Jay Chou fans, his music is very interesting.
But there are some lyrics, I can’t clearly hear quite a few words.
Maybe I’m too stupid and shallow.
Maybe you would understand how I feel.
Let me tell you now, what I hear.

ChatGPT making the Chinese lyrics rhyme.

This was then followed by more nonsensical Chinese lyrics in the chorus (loosely translated by Today Online), mocking a typical rap by Chou.

Dragon Palace Admiralty, long-lasting pure love, longing for love, drawing you into my dreams.
The crowd chant, sensational competition for love, pus flowing from the pipa, wait for me to enter the palace.
Draw attention for love, tears like the river, heavy love, heavy lips.
Do you understand? Oh~

ChatGPT writing the nonsensical chorus

To add salt to the wound, ChatGPT titled the whole song, “Do You Understand?”

With the lyrics on hand, Steady Gang worked with Mr Choo, a Malaysian Mandopop singer, and a team of music producers to bring the song to life.

The music video garnered more than 533k views and 18k likes. The video was also ranked 20th on Youtube’s Trending for Music list.

Netizens praised the song’s originality and musical arrangement. They also praised the Youtubers for their stylish costumes and for taking the performance seriously.

Netizens also believe the song is proof that ChatGPT’s ability to write music shouldn’t be underestimated, but it still needs someone to compose and musically arrange it into a song.

The hilarity of the whole situation comes to a head when people find out that Jay Chou once said he wasn’t worried about AI taking over the jobs of music content creators like him.

Just last month, Chou, who’s a prolific lyricist and composer, wrote on Instagram that his special touch of musicality can’t be recreated by a machine.

Despite the praises, a viewer felt that there were racist undertones in ChatGPT’s lyrics, especially the chorus.

With the rise of AI technology, there have been worries that it’ll leave a lot of people jobless.

However, naysayers said there still needs to be humans cross-checking the work of AI because the technology isn’t perfect as its learning is based on human input such as codes.

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