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New Burger In Town: Will The Taugeh Burger Be Able To Fend Off Detractors?

New Burger In Town: Will The Taugeh Burger Be Able To Fend Off Detractors?

The idea for the burger began when ChatGPT suggested Taugeh Burger as a controversial burger for Malaysians.

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Burgers have become a favourite meal for Malaysians. Be it fast food burgers or the crowd favourite Ramly “burger tepi jalan”, the American staple has pretty much acquired a Malaysian citizenship.

Recently, My Burger Lab (MBL) released a promo video on what would be considered a controversial burger in Malaysia.

The answer according to ChatGPT is a taugeh (beansprouts) burger.

How It All Began

This idea came about when certain personnel from MBL decided to ask the AI platform, ChatGPT to create a controversial burger for Malaysians.

And ChatGPT created a burger with beansprouts in it. Just looking at the burger would make many people cringe.

The picture that was generated by ChatGPT was a bunch of taugeh stuffed in between two burger buns.

This went against the traditional form of a burger which is meat stuffed in between two burger buns which makes the whole dish juicy and delicious. (Just imagine what would Gordan Ramsay say).

Many disagreed with the unholy union of taugeh and burger.

But MBL Did Not Stop There…..

They went ahead and created the burger.

They even released a promotional video for it with the statement “Due to popular demand we convinced our boss to make a Taugeh Burger”.

The video starts with someone off camera asking MBL co-founder Chin Ren Yi if he was anti-taugeh, to which he replied that he hated taugeh.

Chin was then challenged to make a taugeh burger but he was initially against it, replying “no way” repeatedly.

Considering you are reading this article right now, obviously Chin relented and they went on to make a taugeh burger.

The burger was prepared with a slice of crispy meat topped with one of their famous sauces. The taugeh was added in after it was cooked separately with cabbage.

Chin then dared the people to try it. There are two variations for the burger which is “Taukeh Ipoh” and “Taukeh Tso”.

It will be available from 22 January to 29 February.

All in all, it can be said that the taugeh burger is an interesting innovation. Would you dare try it?

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