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Man Scolds Aunty For Letting Dogs Play On Public Playground’s Slide

Man Scolds Aunty For Letting Dogs Play On Public Playground’s Slide

The dogs were seen happily playing together and gliding down the slide with glee.

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Recently, a video of a man confronting a woman who was seen with a few dogs at a public playground in Melaka went viral on TikTok.

The video posted by the man (@ramlihassan615) garnered 928.6 K views and 23 K likes at the time of writing.

In the video, while holding a stick, the man, believed to be a resident in the area was seen approaching the aunty who was with a few dogs at the playground. The dogs were seen sliding down the slides ecstatically.

He asked the woman what was her motive for bringing dogs to the playground as dogs aren’t allowed in public spaces.

The woman then remarked if this was his place only or a place for the public.


♬ original sound – ramlihassan615

He then told her that this area is a place for communities with mixed races and religions and she should be sensitive about those who don’t like the presence of dogs in the area.

She then explained that some of the dogs weren’t hers, to begin with. In the video, only one dog was seen in a collar and the other two looked like stray ones.

He complained that by bringing her dog to the playground, it would attract strays as well. He claimed that pets were not allowed at playgrounds in Melaka.

@ramlihassan615 Replying to @norliahwahab4 ♬ original sound – ramlihassan615

She replied that she wasn’t aware of the rule and said it wasn’t like she brought the dogs to the man’s house.

He explained that he has already warned her before as she did this a couple of times already. At the time, she always said that she couldn’t understand the man and that’s why this time, he recorded the conversation.


♬ original sound – ramlihassan615

He then said that he doesn’t mind the dogs being on their own or doesn’t mind if she wants to use the slide but letting her dogs use it is unacceptable. He warned her again for the last time.

Netizens have mixed opinions

The video stirred quite a discussion among netizens in the comment section.

Some agreed that the warning was warranted as the playground was meant for children. Muslims are worried that the dogs might salivate on the slides.

Generally, for purification purposes, Muslims have to do a cleansing practice called “sertu” after dogs or pigs come into contact with their person, things or place. Especially, if they’re wet, like saliva, urine or faeces as these things could bring various diseases.

Besides that, the fact that dogs can be aggressive and pose risks of rabies are a few reasons why some people are not comfortable with having them in public spaces.

However, there were also those who disagreed with the man’s actions, saying he should not have made a big deal out of the matter as the dogs didn’t look aggressive and just wanted to have some fun.

Some didn’t even care for the argument as they were focusing on how happy the cute dogs were playing with the slide. Some even joked that this wouldn’t be a problem if other animals played there.

Would you look at that doggo’s pure joy?
(Credit: @ramlihassan615 / TikTok)

Is there a rule against dogs in public places?

For your information, in Malaysia, dog owners can walk their dogs in public given that the place is pet-friendly (like places like Desa Park City in KL) and they must be on a leash. If it’s not, then dogs, or any pets for that matter should not be allowed in that setting.

According to MBSJ, there is a rule that dog owners cannot walk their dogs in public spaces such as these:

  1. Public places of interest
  2. Supermarket
  3. Worshipping place
  4. Offices
  5. School/Shops
  6. Public Transportations

Dogs who are wandering without a leash or a license could be caught by the authorities if they are doing an operation.

The owner could be fined not more than RM 2,000.00 or imprisoned for not more than one year or both (MBSJ Dog Licensing Act 1998). But that is just Subang Jaya’s rules on dogs. Other places differ.

So what do you think about this situation?

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