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Celebrating The Year Of The Rabbit With Oversea Restaurant

Celebrating The Year Of The Rabbit With Oversea Restaurant

Oversea Restaurant is a household name when it comes to preserving the rich traditions of Chinese cuisine.

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This Chinese New Year, Oversea Restaurant is hopping into the Year of the Rabbit with joy, fortune and longevity with their rich traditions of Chinese cuisine.

Back by popular demand, the seasonal signature Chinese New Year includes dishes such as Yee Sang, Waxed Meat Rice, Prosperity Treasure Pot, Dried Meat and an assortment of confectioneries.

An executive group of forty chefs put the dishes together, bringing plenty of “huat” and abundance to you and your family.

Yee Sang

Tossing Yee Sang at Oversea Restaurant is a tradition itself.

What better way to usher in the new year than tossing this tasty and colourful appetizer salad high in the air while wishing each other well with auspicious sayings around the table?

A uniquely Malaysian dish, Yee Sang is a raw fish salad typically consisting of various shredded and pickled vegetables, salmon, jellyfish, nuts, powders, sauces, condiments, crackers and so on to symbolize good fortune.

Starting from RM78++, Oversea Restaurant has made adaptations to this Chinese New Year staple and is delighted to offer five different types of Yee Sang, so there is something for everyone.

The original Oversea Fabulous Fruity Yee Sang is served with Red Dragon Fruit Sauce for extra “Ong”.

At the same time, other Yee Sang, such as Yee Sang with Jellyfish & Korean Snow Pear, Yee Sang with Fresh Salmon & Korean Snow Pear, Yee Sang with Abalone & Korean Snow Pear, and Yee Sang with Abalone & Black Truffle are paragons for gold standards when it comes to tradition meets novelty dishes.

Oversea Restaurant’s Yee Sang uses only the highest grade ingredients for that fresh and crispy sweetness to stimulate your appetite and is available in half and entire portions.

Waxed Meat Claypot Rice

(Pix: Oversea Restaurant)

The Hong Kong Style Waxed Meat Claypot Rice or ‘Lap Mei Fan’ is a delicious one-pot meal delicately balancing flavourful notes.

Lap mei (臘味) is an assortment of preserved Chinese meats, also known as waxed meat.

This delightful dish from Southern China is known for its distinctive aroma from fragranced glutinous rice and cured meat that is guaranteed to make mouths water.

Indulge in this Chinese New Year divine must-have from RM138++ (6pax) to RM168++ (10pax).

Prosperity Treasure Pot

The Prosperity Treasure Pot or ‘Poon Choy’ is a definitive one-pot dish comprised of meat, seafood and vegetables served in a rich broth.

The dish is trendy during Chinese New Year as it is believed to bring abundance and prosperity.

Gather your loved ones and enjoy the simmering layers of aromatic broth brimming with heavenly goodness in this big melting pot of 15 premium ingredients to warm your soul, as a full belly makes for a happy heart.

The Prosperity Treasure Pot is available for 6-8 pax at RM838++ and a larger party of 8-10 pax at RM1,188++.

If you want to enjoy it at home, fret not; the ingredients will be nicely arranged in a clay pot ready for takeaway and reheating.

Collect a complimentary limited edition red insulated bag as an auspicious keepsake this Chinese New Year when you order for takeaway.

(Pix: Oversea Restaurant)

Set Menus

Staying true to Chinese New Year traditions, there will be at least three meal sets, including 8 – 9 courses, available in all Oversea Restaurant outlets.

From RM 898++ for six pax to RM 3,388++ for 10 pax, the menus are put together by a group of executive chefs with more than 40 years of experience with all the auspicious dishes for each outlet.

All the set menu will be available from Chinese New Year till the last day of February, and each meal set comes with a box of Oversea’s Hong Kong Style Egg Rolls while stocks last.

Premium Dried Meat

Dried Meat or ‘Bak Kwa’, also known as rougan (肉干), is a dried savoury sweetmeat that traditionally takes the form of thin square slices.

Usually made from pork, it is one of the most popular Chinese New Year snacks, and you can find this in every Chinese household during the festive season.

At Oversea Restaurant, only the most tender and lean meat is chosen, marinated with Oversea’s secret recipe and grilled over charcoal rather than air-dried for a smokier flavour, making it a sweet and appetizing snack of all time.

Available at RM 78 per box, this Fujian snack has been adapted over the years to suit the local palate.

(Pix: Oversea Restaurant)


Known for the quality of their cuisines, Oversea Restaurant was awarded recognition and gourmet titles such as “Asia’s Finest Restaurants”, “Greatest Table in Kuala Lumpur”, and “Winner of World Gold Kitchen Cooking Grand Competition”.

It has also shone in the global food arena representing Malaysia and received international accolades such as “International Restaurant of Chinese Cuisine” awarded by “The World Chinese Cuisine Association” as well as being recognized for outstanding achievement in the F&B industry at the 15th Asia Pacific International Honesty Keris Award 2017.

Unbeknownst to many, Oversea Restaurant also bakes its confectionery with freshness guaranteed.

This festive season, the confectionery includes Taiwanese Pineapple Tarts at RM55 per box, Oriental Muffin at RM38 for 18 pieces, and Hong Kong Style Egg Rolls at RM28.80 per box.

To satisfy the munchies one bite at a time, dig into the jars of delightful cookies but be warned, they are addictive. Once you start, you can’t stop.

Choose from five different flavours: French Butter, Cranberry Crunch, Flaming Hot, Garlic Herb Butter and Mixed Nuts Florentine.

(Pix: Oversea Restaurant)

New Branch in One Utama

Since the 1970s, Oversea Restaurant has established itself as an exemplary institution for preserving rich Chinese culture and heritage through shared recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Their exquisite offering of traditional Cantonese specialities transports people back in time and brings people together.

Staying true to their commitment to bringing the best and most authentic Cantonese dishes to their customers, Oversea Restaurant is proud to announce the opening of their new outlet in One Utama to better serve food lovers around Klang Valley.

Scheduled to open beginning January 2023, the new Oversea Restaurant boasts 12 private rooms so you and your entourage can dine comfortably in privacy while sharing a good meal.

(Pix: Oversea Restaurant)

The spacious main hall is an excellent venue for wedding banquets and events, as it can accommodate up to 15 tables.

The giant LED screen and elevated stage can cater to all your entertainment requirements.

The most impressive aspect of the new restaurant is the walk-in wine chiller showcasing a variety of wine and liquor from all over the world for an international tasting tour.

It is open daily from 10 am-10 pm, with Dim Sum served from 10 am-2 pm.

For a casual dining experience that retains all the hallmark quality of the brand name, Oversea Express 1U caters to up to 24 pax and offers some of their best-selling dishes such as Signature Honey Glazed BBQ Pork Rice, Roasted Pork Belly Rice and Braised Sliced Pork Belly with Salted Fish Rice, perfect for those looking for a delicious, quick to go meal.

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